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Yes it can and it also can mean a side effect of a medicaton that is making the child very antzieHave you ever felt like your skin is crawling. Well kids head banging are feeling very neverious.Drugs, abuse, sexual abuse etc. I have ADHD and yes I have felt like banging my head against the wall, rocking etc. Usually I have eatten to much sugar or chocolate protein etc before going tobed.

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Q: Does head banging and rocking to go to sleep have anything to do with ADHD?
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Is rocking a symptom of ADHD?

Rocking can be a sign of something as simple as boredom, right through to an indicator of autism, or of child abuse. In short, it is just a behaviour. Although it is associated with some syndromes and illnesses, that doesn't prove causality.

How does a narcissist deal with a spouse with ADHD?

Well since narcissist is one who is in love with themselves and ADHD people get distracted easily well the best cure for and ADHD person is for them to get more sleep so tell them they need to get more sleep or your going to put them on tons and tons of medication

What are the symtoms of ADHD?

There are many symptoms of ADHD, but some are Worry, Boredom, Loss of motivation, Frustration, Low self-esteem, Sleep disturbances, and Hopelessness.

What would the advantages of owning a rocking chair be?

Rocking chairs are a great healing tool for anyone with chronic back pain or for post-surgical recovery. Children with learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD can also benefit from the focus that the rocking motion provides. Additionally, rocking has been shown to be a great help to patients with dementia, in that it releases endorphins and often helps relieve some of their anxieties and fears.

Does ADHD have to do with worrying?

A: ADHD:Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When your child is hyper and out of control and doesnt pay any attention at all to anything, that is ADHD. Of course, you have to get them evaluated by a doctor over a period of weeks most of the time, but ADHD is the lack of worrying if anything.

Is sleepwalking a symptom of ADHD?

No, not when the symptom occurs alone. Individuals with ADHD are more likely to suffer from different types of sleep problems including sleepwalking and insomnia.

Why do children with ADHD have trouble sleeping?

Most people with ADHD, including children, suffer from some type of sleep disorder or experience higher than average difficulty in falling asleep. This may due to the fact of the lack of control of attention, causing a person with ADHD to have a hard time 'shutting' off their thoughts to be able to sleep.

What type of foods can help victims with adhd?

There have been links found between ADHD symptoms and diet. It is best to avoid anything with caffeine and sugar. Check out

Can ADHD effect sleep?

Without medication, ADHD affects sleep. That person will stay up all night long because they are hyper due to the chemical imbalance in their brain.- [Personal experience] Yes it can. But not everyone's sleep is interrupted because of ADHD. If you believe this is a cause of any sleeping problems then you shouldn't eat any sugar on an empty stomach within two hours of preparing for bed. By doing this you will not be hyper and you will be able to concentrate on sleeping.

Does marijuana have any advantages?

yes its a great sleep aid... and it calms the nerves,,especially if you have add or adhd.

How does ADHD affect children in school?

ADHD affects children at school, as they will not sit still, lose their focus when the teacher is talking, or cannot focus on their homework. Be cautious when talking with parents about whether students may have ADHD though. In his Mistaken for ADHD book, Frank Barnhill, M.D., said that nearly 50 conditions can mimic ADHD. Sleep disorders, thyroid conditions, food allergies, seizures and many more can all be mistaken for ADHD.

Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADHD or something else?

If the behavior concerns you it should be evaluated by a medical professional. There could be several underlying causes.

How do you get to bed if you have ADHD?

This is a really common problem for kids/adults with ADHD--getting to sleep. The brain can't focus on sleep, so you're stuck lying awake for ages. On top of that, you can't seem to wake up in the morning (which has to do with brain deficits in motivation mobilization). Here are some tips, specially for ADHD--do not take naps during the day (people with ADHD shoot themselves in the foot doing that), start dimming the lights and stay away from the computer at least an hour before bedtime, exercise during the day to release extra energy, go to bed around the same time every night with nightly rituals (i.e., showering, lotion body, etc.). Also, people with ADHD tend to have anxiety issues (can be none, to mild, to severe, don't diagnose yourself!) which makes sleep hard. If you can't sleep, don't stress about it. Get out of bed a read for a little, or even go a night with less sleep. You'll likely sleep better the next night. The more you worry, the harder you're making it for that ADHD brain to settle!

How does a child with ADHD act at 4?

There is no way to diagnose ADHD at 4 years old. Anything younger then 10 or so (experts disagree) is extremely likely to be diagnosed falsely, because kids under that age are naturally hyper if they have ADHD or not.

What are some of the vitamin supplements for someone with adhd>?

Some vitamin supplements that are helpful to someone with adhd are fish oil, melotonin and zinc. Some children with adhd have lower levels of zinc that children without adhd and zinc supplements have been should to help improve adhd symptoms. Fish oil may improve mental skills in children and melotonin is a natural sleep aid and can decrease your child's excess energy.

How do you get teens with ADHD to settle down and sleep?

If you go to the teens doctor tell them he or she has ADHD and they should recomend or have the teen try a type of medication usually they will ask some questions and that will help them figure out what medication is right for the teen

Can high energy children be mistaken for ADHD?

ADHD should only be diagnosed by a professional. Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD, listed nearly 50 conditions in his book that can be mistaken for ADHD. Dr. Barnhill said irritability, hyperactivity, poor memory and bad grades are classic ADHD symptoms, but they can be also symptoms of sleep apnea, thyroid disorders, food allergies, seizures and learning disabilities. ADHD diagnoses are rising at nearly 3% per year according to the Centers For Disease Control, which could mean as many as 9 million kids with ADHD in 2010.

What id ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, characterized by an inability to focus on anything as well as hyperactivity.

What does ADHD do to the brain?

ADHD doesn't do anything to the brain as it isn't a disease. It's a mental illness. The brains of people with ADHD/ADD have too many resting periods. The average person's ratio of resting periods to active periods is around 2. People with ratios of 2.7+, or much less commonly, significantly lower than 2, are considered to have ADD/ADHD. Good points :). Also, ADHD brains have less gray matter, white matter, and impaired neurotransmitter transportation. ADHD is the result of these abnormalities, not the cause!

Does ADHD medication work if you don't have ADHD?

Well considering you don't have ADD then it would be impossible to tell if it "Worked" and you wouldn't need the medication for anything in the first place. If you take adderall or ADD medication and don't have ADD or ADHD, the medication is actually a form of speed. And will make you very hyper

Can gerbils get ADHD?

Sometimes they can get ADHD.

Can concussions cause ADHD?

No; concussions can cause symptoms similar to ADHD, but it is not ADHD. ADHD is a developmental disorder of the brain that occurs in childhood.

Can clonidine be used as a sleep aide?

Clonidine is sometimes used for that purpose, particularly with ADHD. Here's a reference:

How is seroquel used for ADD?

I never knew it was taken for ADHD. It's typically used as a sleep aid, anti-psychotic, or a mood stabilizer.

What has the author Robyn J Stephens written?

Robyn J. Stephens has written: 'REM sleep and aggressive behaviour in children with Tourette's syntrome (TS), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and comorbid TS and ADHD' -- subject(s): Rapid eye movement sleep, Tourette syndrome in children, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Aggressiveness in children