Does heat transfer from objects with high temperature to objects to low temperature?


An object with a higher temperature will have a higher amount of thermal (heat) energy. The difference in amounts of thermal energy between a warmer and cooler object can be thought of as the difference in height of 2 coulmns or pillars of marbles.

If you were to place a ramp across the 2 pillars and placed a marble on it then it would roll down toward the lower pillar. In the same way, heat energy is transferred from the hooter object to the cooler one.

However as the heat energy goes from the hotter to the cooler, the temperature difference gets less (as more heat energy means hotter temperature). So the 2 objects will get closer and closer to the same temperature until they are both the same (we say they are in equilibrium).

Going back to our pillar analogy, as more 'marbles' roll from the higher pillar to the lower pillar, the one gets shorter as the other gets taller in height until they are exactly the same height where the 'ramp' is flat and a marble would not roll in any direction.

It might be important to note that this 'ramp' is known as a gradient, and that in nature, things will always wish to balance out if they can.