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No, it does not. Some forms of cooking can remove vitamins and minerals from food but they are not destroyed. Matter can not be created or destroyed, it will always exist in some form.

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Q: Does heating kill vitamins and minerals?
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What has vitamins and minerals in?

how many vitamins and minerals and average

Does chicken have minerals or vitamins in?

yes, chicken have minerals and vitamins in it.

What stores glycogen vitamins and minerals?

The liver is the body organ that stores glycogen, vitamins and minerals. The minerals and vitamins are some of the nutrients that we get in small quantities from the vegetables and fruits.

How are vitamins and minerals different?

Vitamins and minerals differ in basic ways. Vitamins are organic and can be broken down by heat, air, or acid.

What minerals does the body make?

None. Minerals and vitamins must be consumed for the body to use them. This is why vitamins and minerals are so important to our nutrition.

Are fruit minerals?

Fruits themselves are not minerals, but they contain vitamins and minerals.

Do minerals vitamins and water need to be digested?

No, minerals, vitamins and water do not need to be digested. The foods that contain them need to be. However, minerals, vitamins and water need to be absorbed by the body into the bloodstream.

How does food get its vitamins and minerals?

It gets the minerals through the water it recieves, and some foods have vitamins naturally.

What do you get vitamins and minerals from?

vitamins and minerals are nutrients that you can get in small quantity from fruits and vegetables,and they are beneficial for the human body.

Which four vitamins and minerals are typically on Nutrition Facts labels?

Vitamins A and C Minerals Iron and Calcium

Why do you need vitamins and minerals?

when you do not eat vitamins and minerals your body does not know what to do so you Must eat them.

What are the nutrients that regulate many chemical reactions in the body?

Protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.