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Does homeowner insurance cover damages made by your car to your neibord house?


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Your Auto Liability Insurance will offer coverages for damages resulting from automobile ownership.

Homeowners Insurance does not cover autos or auto accidents.


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If you are having this construction done by a bonified contractor, then their insurance should cover any/all damages. If you, the homeowner, are doing the construction and someone gets hurt, your home hazard insurance policy should cover that. Your home policy most likely will not cover other damages.

No,, homeowners insurance does not cover normal maintenance costs nor damages that result from lack of maintenance.

Yes, If the storm was a covered peril under your home insurance policy, then the resulting damages should be subject to coverage.

when you get the insurance you can register your daughter as an autorized driver and the insurance will cover for the damages.

No, Home Hazard Insurance is for damages to your home due to a covered peril. Auto Insurance Comprehensive coverage is for damages to your car. You will need to seek coverage for your car from your Auto insurance Policy.

If i go out of town and live the water running from the sink would mu homeowners cover the claim

Most homeowner insurance will cover for public liability but you need to read your policy.

Depends. If said friend has insurance then in most cases their insurance will cover the damages due to vicarious liability. If the friend does not have insurance, you are then responsible for any damages caused.

No homeowner policy will cover a vehicle that was stolen. Insurance varies from state to state but generally you can buy comprehensive protection only which will cover theft.

No, homeowner's insurance does not cover maintenance and pest control is a maintenance issue.

Homeowners insurance does not cover land. It covers the insured structures located on the land.

No, a homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for the property of a tenant. That's what "Renters Insurance" is for.If the renter chose not to purchase a renter insurance policy, Then the renter was negligent to the extent that the renter chose not to purchase a renter insurance policy, perhaps with the mistaken belief that the owners policy would cover them.

You need to make a claim against the neighbors homeowners insurance for damages. Since it sounds like it was an "act of god" they may not cover the damages. In that case you have two choices, you could use your comp insurance to cover damages, if you have comp coverages on your policy, or pay the damages out of your pocket and see if the neighbor is willing to help out with the charges.

Definetely you can claim for the damages caused by the tree falling on your house. The Insurance companies cover these damages under the property insurance. Just you have provide the photos of the damaged house aas an evidence to claim your money.

No, homeowner's insurance only overs damages on the house.

No. Comprehensive coverage on the auto does that.

Health insurance is the only thing that would cover falls of a homeowner in the home. Homeowners insurance is certainly not intended to cover this type of accident.

If you are taking it out on the street then you will need motorcycle insurance. If you are traveling on your property then your homeowner insurance will cover it.

No, Your Homeowners Insurance will not cover windstorm damages to your neighbors vehicle because you are not liable for acts of nature. Your neighbors will have to look to their own Comprehensive Auto Insurance to cover windstorm damages to their vehicle.

All of them. So long as your felony did not involve fraud, especially insurance fraud.

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