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No. This is not what homeowners insurance is for. Homeowners insurance is to pay for physical damage to your home and contents.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover your mortgage if you are laid off?
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Is homeowners insurance required?

genius guy,i think its a good idea to get homeowners insurance. If you own the house outright, then no it is not required but if you have a mortgage, then the institution that made the loan most likely does require it. They already have laid out the monies for the real estate they do not pay to insure it also. You can add your taxes and insurance into an escrow account the will include those expenses with your mortgage payment, that you pay monthly so as at the end of the year you do not have to come up with two lump sums of big money. The bank or mortgage company see's to it that not only do your monies go to mort. but the other two as well...It makes things easier...

What good can come from mortgage repayment insurance?

Having a mortgage repayment insurance policy can offer peace of mind to a worker who feels that they may be laid off. Several banks began offering mortgage repayment insurance as a way to help home buyers feel more confident about taking out big loans.

Can an homeowners association in a community with multifamily units buildings like townhouses require the individual homeowners-members to carry full homeowners insurance?

Some boards may pass resolutions making this requirement, and the governing documents are specific about the percentage of owners required to vote in favour of such a resolution before it can go into effect. Insurance carried by owners protects not only the owners, but protects the association, because catastrophic damage is not generally limited by boundaries laid out in your governing documents. You can work with your broker to purchase the insurance necessary to protect your property and the common areas when your options are compared to what's already covered -- common areas, in the master policy. Your board cannot require that you over-insure, but best practices dictate that you insure so that there are no gaps in coverage.

Does trip cancellation insurance cover if you are laid off?

Depending on the plan you have purchased, you may or may not be covered. If you purchased a "Cancel For Any Reason" plan then you should be fine. You can find more info here

Where can I find more information about Cobra insurance costs?

According to cobra insurance is available up to 60 days after job loss due to being laid off, and the cost is similar to what you paid for your insurance plan prior to being laid off.

What does it mean to have a standardized insurance policy?

An insurance policy would be called standardized, when it covers all the salient international features/standards as laid down by the insurance authority of the country.

Can an employee get COBRA health insurance if he resigns or is fired or is laid off?


If I have primary insurance through my work and had secondary through my husband's work but he was laid off can I still use Cobra as a secondary insurance or is Cobra only if you have no insurance?

Cobra is available to those without insurance. Fortunately you have primary insurance and this would be useful.

Good pet insurance and how they compare to others?

You can compare and contrast different pet insurance companies by visiting They have them all laid out and listed so you can get the right insurance for your pet at the best price for you.

Laid off and employer states medical benefits ended on day I was laid off however insurance companys states I am still good to end of month HR won't return calls What are my rights?

In most cases health insurance is done through a monthly program. If the insurance company says you are covered, I'd say that they would know.

How much ground will 1 yard of gravel cover?

It depends how thick the gravel is being laid - at 4 inches thick, a cubic yard will cover 81 square feet.

How many square feet does 120 bricks cover?

It depends on the size of the bricks and their orientation when they are laid.

What is 'IRDA' in banking?

IRDA stands for Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. It is the organization that supervises and regulates the Insurance Company's in India. It is similar to the Reserve Bank for Banks. All Insurance Company's are supposed to follow the rules laid down by them.

What is the purpose of insurance redundancy?

Redundancy insurance is protection in case of becoming redundant, or getting laid off from, work. It pays a portion of your income, usually 75 percent, for a determined amount of time.

Can you collect unemployment because of a medical illness?

No. The only thing you might be able to collect is 'Disability Insurance'. Unemployment Insurance comes into play only when a person has been laid off from active employment - people are not laid off for medical illnesses.

Why must flat-topped cover be laid upward?

This question is too vague! The question needs more information.

Can insurance cancel your insurance after they have taken payment?

An insurance company can cancel your coverage for any number of reasons, all of which would need to be laid out in the policy (contract) that you signed with them upfront. The most common reason that a company would cancel your insurance would be for nonpayment. Other than that, you are probably safe unless you lied about something on the application.

How many spoons and forks are in a cover?

A 'cover' is the catering industries word for a table place in a restaurant or at a formal meal.The amount of cutlery laid out would depend on the number of courses to be served.

What is portable supplemental life insurance?

Portable supplemental life insurance is any individual life insurance policy that is not taken through an employer group. The employer provided life insurance coverage will be lost as soon as you change jobs, get laid off, fired or if you quit, while the individual life insurance policies will continue to stay in force regardless of your employment situation (providing you are paying the premiums on time).

Do you qualify for unemployment insurance if you quit your job in Indiana to relocate and follow your fiance?

No. In order to qualify you have to be laid off or otherwise fired without cause.

What should I do if my parakeet laid eggs but won't cover them?

These eggs may not be fertile. Leave them there and see what happens or maybe take them to a vet to be inspected.

Example letter of explanation on job gap for mortgage?

To whom it may concern, I worked for Verizon for 4 years, then I was laid off in 11/09. After being laid off I spent the following year taking of personal effects, and start college to earn my degree. After two semester I was ready to get back to the work force. Then I started working at bank of america.

What are shingles on houses?

It is a thin oblong piece of material, such as wood or slate, that is laid in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a house or other building.

Do you qualify for unemployment insurance if you quit your job to follow your husband to Colorado?

No. not if you quit. For one to collect UI, they must have been laid off by the employer. The UI office will verify the information with the employer. If you voluntarily quit, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance.

What is cover size?

This is usually the amount of people that you can feed with the quantity that you are making - i.e it's the same as the amount of portions that you are making (assuming nobody has more than one helping).cover means adequate amount of crockery & cutlery that can be laid to the alacarte menu & the standard sizes of crockery is laid 2 inches from the table .spoon on the right hand side & fork on the left hand side & most important ABC THAT IS CRUET SET & FLOWER BASKET & ASH TRAY LAID ON THE TABLE

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