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ice melt in the room temperature

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Q: Does ice melt faster in a room temperature glass or in a frozen glass?
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If you want to melt a glass rod faster which of the region of the burner will you use?

The flame should have two cones when it is hottest. The inner cone will melt the glass faster as it burnes at a higher temperature.

Will ice melt faster in a plastic or glass container by itself?

it would melt faster in a glass container faster.

Does ice cream melt faster than frozen yogurt?

yes ice cream does melt faster than frozen yogurt because it has ice and cream in it that makes it melt faster and frozen yogurt has yogurt in it which makes it thicker and since its frozen it makes it even more thicker so ice cream does melt faster than frozen yogurt.thats why ice cream is faster melt than yogurt.

What substances melt at room temperature?

ice can melt at room temperature. Anything that is liquid at room temperature would, in its frozen state, melt at room temperature. Oils, beverages and mercury - if in a frozen state - would melt when exposed to room temperature.

Does ice cream melt faster when it's frozen?

Frozen ice cream would take longer to melt.

Why does ice melt faster in warm temperature?

Ice melt faster in a warmer temperature because the molecules in ice move more freely in a warmer temperature allowing it to melt faster.

Does ice melt faster than frozen meat?

Yes it does, as meat does not melt.

What is the conclusion for frozen and unfrozen candles?

It probably is that frozen candles will melt faster

Why does frozen grape juice melt faster than frozen water?

This is because the grape juice is dark so it absorbs heat which makes it melt faster.

Does the temperature causes frozen desserts to melt?

yes, frozen desserts have a melting point like anything else. If the temperature exceeds that, the dessert will melt.

Does frozen yogurt melt faster than ice cream?


Why does ice cream melt faster than sorbet and frozen yogurt?

the reason ice cream melt faster because of the ingredients causing to melt faster! (BTW i just guess)

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