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What can plutonium do to harm you?

Radiation can harm your body

Can infrared rays harm humans?

It's not harmful as that of Ultra violet rays..infrared rays cause heating effect..and in excess this infrared rays is also harmful....

What kind of electromagnetic radiation can cause harm to living human tissue?

Ultraviolet, X-rays, and Gamma rays for sure, but even infrared radiation, at very high intensities, could cause harm (burning) to living human tissue.

Does bluetooth technology harms human body?

It is controversial whether or not blue tooth technology causes harm to the human body. Blue tooth technology emits radiation that some say is too small of an amount to make a difference, while others say that any amount of radiation has the potential to cause harm in humans.

What radiation can harm the internal organs?

Gamma radiation is not easily absorbed by the human body(not as easily as alpha and beta anyway). So it can penetrate to the internal organs and harm them.

What harm can ultra violet light or radiation waves do to humans?

It can make you blind and have a sun burn.

How does cheese harm humans?

Cheese can harm humans in various ways. Cheese is usually made from unpasteurized milk which may contain bacteria which can cause harm to the body.

What harm does nuclear power plant give the environment when it transforms into energy?

For one, Nuclear power can harm aquatic life, harm humans with enough radiation, destroy drinking water, and harm the air.

Can infrared waves harm you?


How do mobile phones do the body harm?

when the pearson is talking the radiation from the earth is coming so it is harm ful for us and due this cancer can be

How does radiation harm your body?

Radiation can break up proteins, the stuff of life and it can also modify genes (the code to make new proteins).

When do pigs harm humans?

pigs will harm humans when they do not feel right if it thinks your going to harm it then it will harm you

What harm can a locust do to humans?

Locusts don't harm humans, but there is evidence that they carry a dangerous disease that could harm humans.

How does ultraviolet radiation harm hgumans and life on earth?

The UV radiation harms life and humans on earth. These UV radiations are high wavelength. They cause skin cancer like problems.

Can moths harm humans?

No, moths do not harm humans in any way.

What are the disadvantages of infrared in communication media?

harm human cells

Would radiation harm the people testing underwater bombs?

Radiation will always harm people no matter where they are, as it causes cancer.

Can earwigs harm humans?

yes because they climb into your ear and damage it then go into your body and such your blood

What type of electromagnetic radiation harm living tissue?

Gamma radiation.

Will a praying mantis attack a human?

No, they wont harm humans. They physically can not harm humans! (:

Does phone radiation harm people?

over a long period of time it can harm you

Why does radiation harm humans?

ionizing radiation can cause single or double breaks or dimers between base pairs in DNA all of which can cause transcription errors when the cell replicates leading to cell death or mutation

How do polymers affect humans?

Polymers can release reactants that are harmful to humans. Not only can they harm humans, but they can harm the environment as well.

Will a fox harm humans if not approached by humans?

No, it will not.

Does cloud seeding harm humans?

no, we harm clouds.

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