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No, it does not cost to send a message. If you want to call a cell phone or home phone you have to pay. On the page it says video call or just call you don't have to pay for those. At the beginning you get one free call to a cell or home phone, but that's it. yes this person is absolutely correct.

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Q: Does it cost to send a message on Skype?
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How do you know if someone online on Skype but appear offline?

write a message him/her and look if message send him/her that mean he/she is online but if message not send(delivered yet) that mean he/she is really not on skype...:)

How can one send SMS text messages online with Skype?

To send an SMS test message one must first log in to Skype. Click the contact to whom you want to message, in the conversation box click via Skype and select SMS, enter your message into the conversation box and hit send.

How do you resend a video message on Skype?

In order to resend a video message on Skype, you will first need to log into Skype. From there, tap the person's name in which you want to send the video to. You then will want to click the "+" sign to add the video. Click "send".

Can you text on Skype?

Yes, you can Instant Message on Skype. Right click on the contact you wish to text, and click "Send IM".

Does it cost money to send a message with an iPad?

You would have to be more specific on what you mean by sending a message that costs money. As far as I know it does not cost anything to send a message.

How do you detect invisible users on Skype?

Just send a message. If after a minute or so you receive a "Message ... not delivered yet" notice in your Skype chat window, he's really offline. If you don't get that notice, he's only "invisible" and has received your message.

Can Hotmail address receive Skype message from Skype user?


How much does it cost to send a picture message on vodafone?


How do you send a text message via email?

As far as I'm aware, you cannot send a text message (SMS) through email, so you will need to download a VOIP client (such as Skype) or look up a website on the internet to send through a form.

Does Skype to Skype on computers cost money?

I't does not cost money. But if you want a skype credit card it cost money.

We will send a message on Monday or we will send a message Monday?

We will send a message on Monday

Does it cost if you send a message to somebody in Scotland but you live in England?

It costs exactly the same as it would to send a message to someone in England, or Wales or Northern Ireland.

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