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Usually it does not, depending on your pain tolerance it ranges.

Answer to cavity fillingNo, not much. Oh, and there may be a short amount of "stick" pain as she shoots novocaine (sp) in the gum before working. Make sure he/she gives you laughing gas. Then you may feel pressure as she is working. Breathe through it, listen to her and imagine a favorite place you like to go while she is working. Prayer is good too. :-) AnswerA dentist usually uses local anesthetics before removing a cavity so that you don't feel pain at all.

After filling the tooth, you might experience some pain to cold for a few weeks.

AnswerFilling a cavity doesn't hurt at all. I just had a cavity filled a week ago, and the only thing that hurt was the little pinch when they put the novacine in. But that didn't hurt at all.

Just don't think about it a lot, and you won't have any problems. Hope I helped!!

AnswerPersonally, i just had 9 of them done two days ago. They'll give you a shot to numb the area first, and then they'll drill the cavity out of the tooth, if this hurts, say something to your dentist and hell give you another shot, and after that it doesnt really hurt at all, just make sure you don't eat anything sticky after you get them. THAT hurts. AnswerThe first two or three times I got a cavity filled, I did experienced pain, even though they gave me novicane. It was odd because I would feel nothing for most it, but the last quarter-second of the proceedure would bring a really intense burst of pain in the area. However, when I brought this up, my mother suggested I tell the dentist. I did, and next time I got a cavity filled, they gave me more novacine. That time, I didn't feel any pain. I'm getting four drilled tomorrow, though, so after that I should have an even better (or possibly worse, depending on how you look at it) answer.


Just got those cavities filled. No pain (except for the very minor pain of the shots in the gums).

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Q: Does it hurt when the dentist fills a cavity?
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Why does your tooth hurt is it loose or do you have a cavity?

I think you may have a cavity. Check the dentist for an accurate answer, though.

Are cavity fillings supposed to hurt hours after you get them?

yes they do. i have a few and all have hurt for a few days after my dentist visit.

Does a cavity shot hurt?

Usually, no, because the dentist should numb the area with a topical novocaine first.

Why does your head hurt when your jaw opens?

It could be caused by a cavity you might want to go to the dentist and the problem continues.

Use cavity in a sentence?

I'm having a dentist look at my cavity tomorrow.

What can cause a tooth to hurt?

A Tooth AcheAnswerYou could have a sensitive tooth, cavity or possibly an abscess. I would make an appointment to see your dentist.

What should you do if you have cavity?

go to the dentist, get a filling.

Why would a dentist drill out a tooth and fill if there is no cavity?

The dentist is crooked, and looking to make a buck.

What is a hemothorax?

Hemothorax means blood in the chest cavity.A hemothorax is when blood fills the chest cavity.Blood in the chest cavity is known as Haemothorax

Can you pull a cavity?

No. You need to see the dentist for a filling.

How do you know if you have a cavity without seeing the dentist?


Can you eat before you get a cavity filled in?

A dentist prefers for you not to eat right before a cavity is filled. If you do eat, make sure to brush your teeth before going into the dentist.

Cavity in your back tooth and it hurtrs what can i do i dont want to go to the dentist?

The best thing to do is go to the dentist. Scince your tooth already hurts, I'm guessing it's already gotten pretty bad. If you go to the doctor soon enough, they'll give you a numbing shot and then drill the cavity decay from the tooth, clean the tooth and then fill in the cavity. The procedure doesn't hurt at all after the numbing shot, before the numbing shot they will give you a swab with solution on it that helps numb you gum so it won't hurt so much when they inject. Annd if you're worried about spending money to get the cavity fixed at the dentist, I say it's better to get it fixed than your tooth hurting. It's only going to hurt more and more. get your tooth fixed and take good care of your teeth so you won't get another cavity.

Does the dentist hurt a fetus?


Should dental sealant be put over a cavity?

If the tooth has decay diagnosed by a dentist, a sealant is not recommended. A cavity needs to be treated with a filling or a crown. Ask your dentist. Sealants should only be placed on teeth that are cavity-free.

Can you give a sentence using the word cavity?

I didn't want to to go to the dentist because I thought I had a cavity.

Does a tooth removal hurt?

No. Removal of teeth by a dentist should not hurt. Your dentist will numb your gums with a topical solution, which is rubbed on the gums with a cotton swab, and then give you injections in the area of the tooth to be removed. This is the same procedure that the dentist uses to numb your gums before filling a cavity. As the anesthetic wears off after the removal, you may feel some discomfort, but it is unlikely that you will feel pain. Your dentist can prescribe medication for pain if he thinks you will need it. On the other hand, if you tried to remove the tooth by yourself, then yes, that would hurt.

What is a sentence with the word cavity?

The police did a cavity search on the potential thief.

Amalgam in a sentence?

The dentist filled my cavity with a silver amalgam.

Is it painful getting a cavity filled?

Sort of, if depends which dentist does it.

What should you do with a hole in your tooth?

It's a cavity-have it filled by a dentist.

What do you get when you cross a dentist with a weasel?

You get a critter that excavates for rabbits and fills the hole afterwards

What if your tooth hurts but you dont see a cavity?

You may not be able to see the cavity--the dentist often uses magnifying glasses and a pick--in addition to xrays--to see them. Make an appointment to visit the dentist.

What do you do if your teeth hurt?

Go to the dentist

How do you get rid of cavaties?

The only way to get rid of a cavity is to get it filled at a dentist.