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yes if you don't have the full amount-no if you have the full amount and the installments carry a high rate of interest.

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What is Indiana non auto insurance laws if no vehicle registered?

This question does not make any sense. Please try again.

Can auto insurance premium be paid from premium?

This question does not make sense at all. Sorry. Please rephrase your question and maybe I can help more.

What types of insurance does AAA offer?

I have home and auto insurance with AAA. Fairly standard. They also offer health and life insurance although its not what they are best known for. Auto is by far their insurance leader. Personal Catastrophe and Excess Liability Insurance is also offered as a way to protect your future. Not just auto� they have boat.watercraft insurance. Not sure but it would make sense if they also covered motorcycles and stuff like that too but don't quote me.

Where can one get auto insurance for classic cars?

If you own a collectable car you will need auto insurance to make sure you are fully covered. A good place to get auto insurance is through Geico or American Collectors Insurance.

What is annuities related to the insurance company?

Annuities are purchased from insurance companies. The insurance company take the money and invests it to try to make more money for the investor. They pay the buyer back in installments.

How can you make a auto insurance claim?

Call your claims department. This is found on your auto id card or insurance paper work.

Do you need a car to get insurance?

It doesn't make sense to keep auto insurance without a car anyway! If you do get hurt in an accident where the other driver is at fault, their insurance will pay for the damages. However if you plan on driving someone else's car, make sure you are added on their car insurance policy as a secondary driver.

What are Independent Auto Insurance Agents licensed for?

They are independent insurance agents that work with other insurance companies to make sure your auto insurance is the best it can be, even if that means moving to another insurance company.

Who reimburse your health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a settlement from your auto insurance you or auto insurance?

The insurance company would pay them directly to make sure they are paid.

Commercial Auto Insurance Is a Must for Businesses?

When you insure a vehicle that you use for business purposes, make sure that you insure it under an authentic commercial auto insurance policy. A personal auto insurance policy will not cover many business uses of an automobile, and if you make a commercial auto insurance related claim that is not covered on your personal policy it will be denied. Therefore, when you buy or lease a car for business use, contact a commercial auto insurance broker if your general business insurance broker or provider cannot assist you with your commercial auto insurance needs.

When to Get Quotes from Auto Insurance Specialists?

When obtaining auto insurance quotes from brokers, it is always best to deal with auto insurance specialists unless your homeowner's policy offers discounts for auto insurance purchased from the same company. If that is the case, and you have been happy with your homeowner's policy, simply obtain a quote from the company that issues it and compare it to one or two online quotes from leading auto insurance firms. If you see a great difference, you may want to speak to auto insurance specialists to make sure that you understand each quote so you can make the right decision.

What companies offer discount auto insurance?

Esurance, Allstate, Insurance Plus, GEICO, and many others offer discount auto insurance. They have to if they want to make money and get new, loyal customers. Check with your local insurance agent to see if your auto insurance agency offers any suitable discounts for you.

Can mercury insurance payments be made in installments?

Usually insurance companies offer their clients one of two ways to pay for their insurance. Either you can pay it all up front every six months or so or you can make monthly payments.

What will NOT make your auto insurance cheaper?

Getting into an accident of any kind.

Does it make sense to purchase disability insurance at age 72?

Here is advice: * Not only does it not make sense, you can't! It may, however, make very good sense, depending on your own personal situation, to buy Long Term Care insurance. * If it were available to a person age 72 which I doubt, it would not make sense to purchase it.

What are the main benefits of group auto insurance?

Group auto insurance differs from standard auto insurance in that it provides a discount to specific groups, typically employees of a specific company or organization. The benefit is that these policies tend to make payments lower for individuals in the group.

Where can one buy auto insurance in New York?

One can purchase auto insurance from several auto insurance companies in New York. It's always best to get quotes from several different companies to make sure you're getting the best deal possible. A couple of the auto insurance companies that you could check with are Allstate and Belair Direct.

What is the telephone number for Kingston auto insurance?

The best result for Kingston auto insurance is Pardees auto insurance. The telephone for that company is 845-331-0025. They look like a great company to go with you should just do an overview to make sure that this company is right for you.

What is Key employee participation in group insurance plan?

This question does not make sense. Are you asking about "key man insurance?"

Does travel insurance make sense?

It make sense because it will give you a peace of mind when you go travelling. It just cost a fraction compare when something happens durring your holiday. Everybody pay insurance for his car and travel insurance fall in the same category.

Auto Insurance Specialists?

Auto insurance can be very expensive. It is just as important to make sure that you are getting a good deal on your auto insurance as it is to make sure that you are getting a good deal on your car. Of course, the auto insurance industry can be quite a bit more difficult to understand than the car industry, and understanding the true value of an insurance policy is something that is more difficult to measure. For this reason, it is very helpful to obtain the assistance of auto insurance specialists. They know their way in and out of the industry, and can help you make the right decision when it comes to whether or not you should pay for full coverage, the minimum legal requirements, or anything in between. They also have access to tools and information that make it much simpler for them to find the least expensive policy for the level of coverage that you need. This information is much harder for individuals to obtain. If you seek the assistance of an auto insurance specialist, make sure that they are are independent of any particular insurance company.

How are home and auto insurance prices created?

Home and auto insurance prices are created by the insurance broker doing research on the probability of them having to make a claim, and the amount it would cost to repair or replace such insured article.

If you canceled your auto insurance online do you have to contact the auto company in person or by phone?

It can't hurt to call and make sure.

Can I add on my name to my husbands auto insurance after getting a drivers license?

Have your husband call the insurance agent to make this change.

How long does it take to get an AIG auto insurance quote?

Depending on the auto insurance provider you can get an auto insurance quote within a few minutes online or by calling their customer service line. You will need your car make and model, and some may ask for your social security number.