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Acceleration is a measure of the rate of change of velocity (speed & direction). If acceleration is decreasing (but still above zero) then this means that the rate at which the speed is increasing in this direction is decreasing.

As long as the downward acceleration is greater than zero then the skydiver's speed is still increasing.

Once terminal velocity is reached then downward acceleration will equal zero (speed is constant).

If the downward acceleration falls below zero (as will happen once his parachute is deployed for instance) then this means he is slowing down.

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A skydiver of mass 100 kg experiences air resistance while falling How fast is the skydiver being accelerated at?

Less than 9.8 meters (32.2 feet) per second2.That would be his acceleration ... and also the acceleration of the feather falling next to him ... if there wereno air at all.

What direction is the net forceon a falling skydiver before she reaches terminal velocity?

Before a falling skydiver reaches terminal speed, she has positive downwardacceleration, that is, her downward speed is increasing. So the net force on hermust also be downward.

Could you give an example of something moving when net force of zero acts on it?

Certainly. Say you have an object that has been falling through the air for a long time, say a skydiver. After falling for a long time, the skydiver will fall at a constant velocity. This is called terminal velocity, and this is when the air resistance pushing up around the skydiver is equal to the force of gravity pulling the skydiver down. The skydiver is not accelerating. By using F= ma, with zero acceleration, there is zero net force. The skydiver is moving as if there are no forces acting on the skydiver.

Does a falling object increase in speed if its accelerartion of fall decreases?

No. If its acceleration decreases, its velocity will decrease. This is due to air resistance. If a body is high enough when it starts falling, it will eventually reach constant velocity, called terminal velocity, at which point the acceleration is zero.

What is the approximate terminal velocity of a skydiver falling freely with parachute in unopened condition?

Skydiver with parachute closed, the terminal velocity is about 200 km/h.

How is air resistance used in a sentence?

the skydiver felt air resistance as he/she was falling

Acceleration of a falling coin on tower?

The acceleration of falling objects in Earth is about 9.8 m/s2.

What happens to the acceleration of an object as it falls through air?

-- If you really mean "falls through the air", then its acceleration steadily decreases. -- If you're actually thinking about an object that's "falling", with no air in the way and no other influence on it except gravity, then its acceleration is constant as it falls.

How fast is the acceleration of a falling body?

if body is free falling state its acceleration would be 9.8meter/second2

Can an object have zero acceleration and non-zero velocity at the same time?

Yes. Consider a skydiver in freefall. Fairly quickly the skydiver will reach terminal velocity (the speed at which their acceleration from gravity is cancelled out by the resistance of the air through which they are falling). At terminal velocity the skydiver has non-zero velocity (about 56m/s or 200km/h) but zero acceleration (because their velocity is not increasing). In a vacuum, where there is no air resistance, there is also no terminal velocity. Because there is no force acting against acceleration an object will continue to accelerate provided its source of acceleration continues to be applied. It is worth noting that an object cannot use this rule to exceed the speed of light because as the speed of light is approached the relative time for the object slows. On earth, however, or indeed in any similar environment, an object can certainly have zero acceleration and non-zero velocity.

What is the acceleration of an object falling to earth?

The acceleration of a free object near Earth's surface is approximately 9.8m/s^2, or 32 ft/s^2 in the downward direction. The exact number depends on where precisely on Earth you are located. Also, the number decreases with distance from Earth's surface, so for example an object falling towards Earth from space would have a smaller acceleration.

What is the acceleration of falling body at 0.5 seconds?

acceleration of a falling body is 9.8m/s*s and its direction is vertically downward.

What is constant for freely falling body?

Acceleration. A free-falling object falls at constant force, and thereby at constant acceleration.

What is the acceleration of a falling object called?

The acceleration of a falling object is called gravity. A free-falling object has an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s when going downward on Earth.

What is vertical acceleration?

It is what anything falling has.

How fast is a skydiver after falling 3 seconds if they accelerate at 10 meters per second?

The acceleration is expressed in meters per second square, which really means (meters / second) / second. Every second, the skydiver will be 10 meters per second faster than the previous second. Therefore, after 3 seconds, he will have a speed of 30 meters per second.

Before a falling ball reaches terminal velocity does it gain speed while acceleration increases or decreases and why?

As an object falls, it gains speed. But the acceleration on it is constant. The earth is pulling it back toward itself, and it does so at a constant or fixed rate of acceleration. Acceleration will not be increasing or decreasing during the "normal" acceleration of a falling body. It will remain a constant. Speed will be increasing as there is positive (though constant) acceleration. However, as the speed of the ball approaches termial velocity, the force of the air resistance will increase, so the magnitude of the acceleration will approach zero as the speed of the ball gets closer and closer to its terminal velocity.

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