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If you are not ovulating at all, you will not have a period.

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Q: Does it mean you're not ovulating if you don't have a period?
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What does it mean if you bleed 9 days after period?

You are ovulating.

If you ovulate does that mean you are pregnant?

No. Ovulation means that you have released an egg that is ready to be fertilized. i.e., if you are striving to have children, you do it while youre ovulating so the sperm can reach the egg. It is the time youre not having a period, just normal no symptoms.

What does pink mucus discharge mean?

You period is on the way or you are ovulating.

When your period stops after 9 days does that mean you will be ovulating soon?


What does it mean when you discharge fourteen days after your period?

that means your ovulating ( releasing a egg)

What does it mean to spot after you have had your period?

It is probably because you are ovulating (releasing an egg). Many women spot at this time.

If you miss 3 months on your period and your not pregnant what does that mean?

That means you are not ovulating. The reasons can be many. Have a work up.

What does Bleeding 7 days before my period means?

Brown Bleeding With clots 5days after ovulating, what does that mean?

I haven't had a period in a year the dr says nothing is wrong i have been spotting what does that mean?

if you dont have a eriod it means that you are not ovulating and that is the case than tou cant have kid by the way how old do you think i am 12

Does tender breasts on day 15 of your cycle mean that you are not pregnant?

It probably means that you are ovulating and your period is due soon

It is useful in girls periods?

That depends what you mean but if a couple have sex and the woman is ovulating (on her period) she could become pregnant.

I have sore nipples and headaches what does this mean?

You could be pregnant, but you could just be ovulating. Take a test if you miss your period

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