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If you have done a few no but if it is your first one yes very triky coz the cam's and crank float and you need the timing set to do it. Not very easy, you need to no what you are doing to do it wright. hi book times cam belt 1400&1600cc 3.90hr 2000cc 4.70hrs 19dci 3.10hrs 19dti 2.60hrs rx4 model 19dci ???? 2000cc 3.10hrs

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โˆ™ 2006-01-30 21:50:27
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Q: Does it really take about 4-5 hours to change a cam belt on a Renault Scenic?
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seven hours of labour at £39 per hour is what I was charged at my local garage to change the clutch in our Renault Scenic. Comments anyone?

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