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It probably means you have some sort of infection. Most likely a yeast infection. You should see your doctor to be sure that is what you have. There are other infections you can get in your vagina.

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Q: Does itching in the vaginal area means you are pregnant or is it a disease?
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What is the medical term meaning vaginal itching?

Vaginal pruritis means vaginal itching.

What does it mean if you have yellowish vaginal discharge?

It means you have a vaginal infection, possibly a sexually transmitted disease.

Does having a one day period means your pregnant?

Menstruation means that you have not gotten pregnant - but not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation. If you're concerned about pregnancy then take a pregnancy test.

What is the disease when you think you are pregnant and not or can not produce children?

It means you are infertile

Am i pregnant if I'm not on my period but have some vaginal bleeding?

I don't think that means you are pregant. If anything it means you may have had a miscarriage. See a doctor!

What is vagianl penetration?

Vaginal penetration means when there is a vaginal penetration by the penis.

You are pregnant the father has hyper igm syndrome will the baby have it as well?

No, It is an X chromosome disease. That means that only the mother (if a carrier herself) can pass on the disease.

Why is my cut itching?

It means it's healing.

What does an itchy foot mean?

An itching right foot means a journey to familiar place. An itching left foot means a journey to strange place.

What does it mean when your nose is itching?

It means someone is thingking about you.

What does it mean when your feet are itching?

It means that they need a scratch

What is the imagery Phoebus Phaethon?

This means that vagina is itching

What is a Milky white mucus like vaginal discharge mean The ovulation date was last Friday the 20th...?

It means that you are ovulating, which means your body is preparing to release an egg. This is typically a woman's prime opportunity to get pregnant.

What does the idiom I wasn't exactly itching for someone to break the record mean?

"Itching for" means that you wanted it to happen badly. "Break the record" means to do better than the highest score for that thing.

Could you be regnant with 5 days of your period and then not have one?

I assume that 'regnant' means pregnant - no, you cannot be pregnant if you menstruate. However not all vaginal bleeds are menstruation, it can be implantation bleeding. If you think you could be pregnant then take a pregnancy test, and before having sex again learn about how your cycles work.

What causes red swollen vaginal lips?

Well ive been training to be health teacher and this means you either have HIV/AIDS or just any other sexual transmitted disease.

What does excessive light green vaginal discharge means?

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What does the idiom itchy nose mean?

It is not an idiom, it means your nose is itching.

Could you still be pregnant if you have had multiple blood tests and home pregnancy tests plus pelvic exams and abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds with no positive results?

If all of them came out negative then that means you are not pregnat.

Does vaginal bleeding happen during the same time your period should be?

The most common vaginal bleeding occurs during your period. However,they have been reports of women spotting during ovulation or during pregnancy. If you are worried you might be pregnant, by all means take a home pregnancy test.

What type of disease is hypertension?

Cardiac disease, which means heart disease. Hypertension means high blood pressure.

How are chlamydia and gonorrhea transmitted?

You get this from some one who has the disease. If you don't have proetcted sex you may get it. People get gonorrhea by having sex with someone who has the disease. "Having sex" means anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Gonorrhea can still be transmitted via fluids even if a man does not ejaculate..

What causes vaginal mucous?

its your vaginal discharge it means you are going to start your period. the mucous is not really mucous its your vagina cleaning itself.

What does it mean when you have a - and a on a pregnancy test?

A negative (-) means that you are not pregnant. An a on it means that you are pregnant.

What does facial itching mean?

It probably means that your face is dry and that you need to moisturize it