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no he doesn't. he had to act for the movie "Karate Kid".

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Does jaden smith like chinase?

No the girl in the karate kid had buck teeth

Has jaden smith kissed a girl before the karate kid?

Yes but only only for like a second

What does willow smiths boyfriend look like?

Jaden Smith from the Karate Kid

What does Jaden Smith like?

Jaden Smith likes his family , sport and is looking for a new girl !

Is this how you spell Jaden Smith?

Jaden is spelled like this- 'Jaden Smith'.

What kind of girl does Jaden Smith want?

jaden is looking for a girl like me so back off

Did Jaden Smith had an afro?

before he did but know his hair looks like the one out of karate kid

What do Jaden Smith like in a girl?

he likes girls that have a true personality,don't act fake,and he just might like Chinese famales according to his remake of the karate kid.

What kind of girl does Jaden Smith like?

he like a type of girl that will do enything for him and who have talent

Does jaden smith like black girls with blue eyes?

jaden smith wants a girl that can be there self and not some freak

How do you do a backflip kick?

you do a backflip then a kick in the air like the karate kid with jaden smith and Jackie Chan

How many girls did jaden smith kissed?

Only one named selica he did it 8 times and ugly girl in karate kid he doesent like her in real life he had to do it

Will jaden smith like a srilankan girl?

jaden smith could like anybody even yourself and anyone u no because jaden smith is rich and famous does NT mean he will pick someone famous

Does Justin Bieber like karate?

Justin Does like Karate but not as much as Jaden!

Do Jaden Smith like kissing girls?

he has never kissed a girl

Did jaden smith want to kiss a girl?

yes;) he will like to kiss me

Did jaden smith like Haitian girl?

No amirican are jamicain are who are from England

Do Jaden Smith like his girl to be like?

jaden smith likes girls that can make him laugh and he likes girls to be them self so don't try to be someone you aren't

Does jaden smith like s girl that can dance?

it depend on what kind of dance

Does Jaden Smith like waffals?

of course Jaden smith loves waffles

What is jaden smith favourite type of girl?

Weat is jaden smith girl name is joy powell they was deating in 4-5-12 and thay like the same stff and they gat the same brich day

Does Jaden Smith like jamillah tolliver?

no he does not he like this girl named lovely dieudonne and she was born 1999

What does Jaden Smith look for in girls?

Jaden smith look in a girl for a great smile very funny and the person you are he likes a girl that have things in commend like music movies things you both like and you have to look nice i am his girlfriend love Bryianna

Does Jaden Smith know karate?

He knows this certain type of Martial Arts called woo shoo or something like that he said so in an interview around the time Karate Kid came out!

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