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large amount

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Q: Does japan has a amall amount or a large amount of good farmland?
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How does the Nile affect the development of ancient Egypt?

because of the fertile farmland a large amount of people settled there

What items that a civilization must have before cities can exist?

The two items you need to have for cities to exist is: Enough farmland, and a large amount of industry.

What is the large eastern European country excluding Russia and home to a large area of rich farmland?

Ukraine, 67% of farmland, and obviously the biggest one.

How much of Japan is fertile land?

There is not much data on how much fertile land is in Japan. However, it is known for its large amount of farming areas.

What is called the bread baskets?

Large areas of farmland growing wheat.

Ireland is very rich in forests and lakes?

Yes. Ireland is famous for its large amount of greenery. Being on the edge of the Atlantic means it gets large amount of rain. As a result there is a large amount of rivers and lakes and the plentiful amounts of rain and water makes it easy for growth of various trees and plants. Ireland is mainly a rural country. At one time Ireland had a huge amount of forests. As human development occurred and needs for farmland and urban development grew, most of that forestry has now gone. However, there is still a large amount of forests in Ireland.

Why did people want to settle in the colony of new jersey?

rich farmland and large plantations

Is anime Chinese or Japanese?

? Not really a large amount of animation is made in japan hence the reason why some people call it Japanamation.

How large is the economy of japan?

super large

Is Japan's population is along the shore of Japan?

Not all of their population, but a considerably large amount of people live on the shore. The approximate population of Japan is about 127,430,000 people, but that was in 2010. The most populated city is Tokyo, which has peaked 13 million.

Within which large arc of rich fertile farmland was Mesopotamia located?

about 4-10 kilometers

What is the name of the large arc of rich or fertile farmland in the Middle East?

That would be the FERTILE CRESCENT.

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