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Does jasmine like deshun evans?

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yes, infact im sitting right next to him now..and he has talked, and talked, and talked about her....answered by (.......)hilliard.....

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Xiu Deshun was born on 1989-02-01.

Jasmine makes like 30,00,00

Jasmine flowers are sometimes eaten by animals such as chickens. However false jasmine or yellow jasmine is poisonous.

if someone wants something and you give it to them that is like taking care of jasmine.

jasmine juarez lives on Chicago il....she is a phellipino and looks chiniese she like miguel ezparza if u want 2 hook up with jasmine send message to me

Well, his sister's name is Jazmyn(Jasmine). It's spelled different, and he does a lot of work with Jasmine Villegas, so probably.

Yes he does because he use to date Jasmine Sanders and Jasmine Sanders is a model.

Jasmine Marie Villegas Is From Philippines and half Mexican:)I Think Jasmine And Justin Bieber Make A Cute Couple Even Though i Like Them Both!

yes,jasmine is beautiful that;s why Justin likes her and besides she;s half filipino i know filipina;s are very beautiful like jasmine

"Who does jasmine the 4th grader like?" hey its rainetonight and maybe other people don't know jasmine that's why if you want to know who she likes you should ask someone or even ask her if you feel comfortable.

Seafood (like salmon or clams) and chicken are good for a meal with a side of jasmine rice.

Jasmine Shaye went by Jasmine Grey, and Jasmine Shaye.

by going to

she Is 16 like Justin bieber :) :).

Jasmine Gatewood will marry a man named Kennard,who's sweet and intelligent and one of a kind like Unique.

Because Jasmine is the correct spelling of the plant name, which is where people got the name from in the first place.

First answer: she looks like Selena Gomez _____ my answer: no. she does not look like Selena Gomez. jasmine villegas is way prettier than her. and the real answer is.... she look like a nice girl :) idk if she sing good but she pretty.

In Kannada, Jasmine is called Mallige.

Jasmine Epstein played Jasmine in Jessie

I live in Spain & have just bought a violet coloured Jasmine plant from the local garden centre. Its description was Jasminum Violeta.It is a beautiful plant with very dark green leaves & it has lots of buds on it. The flower itself is similar to the white Jasmine but not as many in the clusters.The leaves are not at all like the white Jasmine plant that I own,but look to be evergreen & more like the shape of the yellow Winter Jasmine.

Jasmine is a vine-like plant that is known to trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Allergic reactions that you can get from Jasmine include rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose, dizziness, nausea and headache.

jasmine means a beautiful flower also theirs rice called jasmine.

Jasmine Heikura goes by Jasmine Beatric.

It is Yellow and sometimes with a orange center.

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