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Does jay Adams really have a zipper tattooed on his head?


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He sure does.... it's half zipped, half unzipped

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You either cut it yourself by accident or scraped it on something depending what you were doing, say a zipper on a pair of jeans could of done it who really knows.

I got there logo tattooed on me and I emailed there head quarters to only receive 4 small sugar free cans of redbull. To me not worth the lifetime commitment

Adams was the head of the Federalist party.

john Quincy Adams and Samuel Adams are the only one i can name of the top of my head

After watching Gran Torino which was a terrific movie, I wondered how the term zipper-head came to be. I found this explanation on the urbandictionary.com website. Used during Vietnam, Charlie was coined zipperheads because of the way a head looked after it had been hit with a high powered automatic weapon. The the typical rising machine gun would cause a face wound that looked like an open zipper on the face of some one from the viet kong. That gook looks like a Zipper Head because of the machiene gun fire.

during war so many japanese bodies were piled up in the roads. when the tanks came through and crushed the heads it left a zipper pattern on the crushed skulls.

Use a bar of soap. Rub it on both sides of the zipper, then work the head up and down. You might need to re-soap the zipper once or twice more and work the head up and down a few times to ensure the soap gets into the grooves. Works for me ;-) More information Try rubbing a pencil on it - graphite is a terriffic lubricant.

Oakland Raiders, 1969-1979... Never coached another team... Has Raider shield tattooed on his left upper chest, record as head coach tattooed on his right upper chest... Him and Al Davis went together for one of them and that's when Al had the Raider shield tattooed across his chest.

I think it came from when a VC was shot in the head by a high powered gun, his head would split apart and look sort of how a pair of pants looks when unzipped. Zipperhead because you could zip his head back together. It came about during the Korean war. Soldiers had run over some NVA soldiers and its said that the tire marks left on their heads and faces resembled a closed zipper.

Mark adams died from blunt trama to the head his death is still under investigation.

Agent 47 (named for the last two digits of his codename as listed on the barcode tattooed on the back of his head).

Sameul Adams was brother of John Adams (2nd president.) He also was a patriot and federalists. He was head of the sons of liberty and was usually found at the front of a protest against the British.

The Republican Party did not exist until about 55 years after the presidency of John Adams.

Zipperhead is a derogatory term used in reference to people of Asian descent. It was coined during the Korean War.

It was actually a group of smugglers whose head was Sam Adams.

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There isn't an exact number of how many he has.Both of his arms are done with various monsters ("I just like monsters" is the only reason given for this) that are experiencing some type of torture. There is a head monster that is in charge, that resides on his right arm.Then he has the number one tattooed on the knuckle of his thumb. He has MARLBORO tattooed on his fists.He has a VII tattooed behind his left ear (like the one Jimmy has).He has Haner across his upper back. He has FoREVer tattooed on his upper chest. He also has a tattoo on his left pectoral that says "blue blood".

he saved warren fey from a burning building

yes, of course that's why he shaved his head and hung out with chollos.

John Adams was chosen as the head of the Constitution Congress.

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