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Construction grade steel burns at 2795 degrees Fahrenheit. Jet fuel does not burn this hot. Its maximum temperature is 1472 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Q: Does jet fuel burn hot enough to melt steel?
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Can jet fuel melt steel?

It can heat it enough to weaken it, but it won't melt it.

Will steel melt when touched by lava?

No. Lava is generally not hot enough to melt steel.

Does jet fuel melt steel beams?

It doesn't dissolve steel beams, but jet fuel can under some conditions burn hot enough to at least soften steel beams, which can cause them to collapse if they're under load.The open air burning temperature of jet fuel A or A1 (the most common types of commercial jet fuels in the US) is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or less; most steels melt at about 2500 Fahrenheit, so if you just lay a beam on a puddle of burning fuel it's unlikely to melt. However, that much heat will cause the steel beams to expand, and if they're bolted together that will disrupt the stability of a structure... in addition to the softening (structural steel loses about 50% of its strength at as low as 1100 degrees, and over 1800 degrees the figure is closer to 90%).Also, in a forced air draft jet fuel burns considerably hotter than it does if it's just sitting there in still air. Under optimal conditions ... such as those found in a jet engine ... jet fuel may burn at closer to 4000 degrees.

Does every solid melt?

No, some burn or decompose before they get hot enough to melt.

Can steel be melted in a coal forge?

No, a forge is not hot enough to actually melt steel. However it is hot enough to make steel pliable .

Can ordinary ice burn you if you hold it for long enough?

no it will just melt

Is there a fire hot enough to melt steel?

yes that is how anything made of steel is made, like swords

What chemical reactions burn hot enough to melt stone?

which are the chemicals that melt stones, give that chemicals name

Do tomatoes melt cheese?

No you need heat to melt cheese, tomatoes do not possess enough heat unless you burn them.

Is there anything that lava doesn't melt or burn or destroy?

Plenty of metals have high enough melting points that they would not melt in lava.

Will my solid fuel fire burn hotter if i line it with foil?

The aluminium foil will probably melt.

What is the temperature of welding arc to weld metal?

Depends on the metal, but for steel it is hot enough to melt the steel- and steel melts at 2600-2800 degrees F.