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Yes he dies in naruto shippuden

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Q: Does jiraya die in Naruto
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Does Jayria in Naruto die?

i am sorry, but jiraya does die

Is jiraya die in naruto Shippuden?


What episode of naruto does jiraya die?

The episode of Naruto when Jiraya dies is in the 133rd episode of the series. The name of the episode was The Tale of Jiraiya.

Does jiraya from Naruto die?

Yeah.. Pein killed him

Is Jiraya part of Naruto's family?

Yes, Jiraya is Naruto's godfather.

Does Jiraya die?

Yes he does by Pein if you check Naruto manga volume 44. Oad tells naruto Jiraya-boy has died in battle.

In which chapter of Naruto does jiraya die?

Chapter 382- 383

Does Jiraya die on Naruto?

Yes, he dies because of Pain

In naruto did jiraya die?

Yes. He dies trying to defeat Pain.

What Naruto episode does jiraya die?

jiraiya dies in naruto shippuden episode 133 "The tale of Jiraiya the gallant.

Is Naruto stronger then Jiraya?

yes , in naruto shippuden

Who named Naruto?

Jiraya was the fourth hokage's teacher. When the fourth hokage got married he named his son 'Naruto' from Jiraya's book.

What is jiraya to Naruto?

Wait this is a spoiler be careful OkAY HERE IS THE STORY Jiraya sensie is first off Narutos Teacher or sensie. Later in Part 2 of Naruto It is revealed that Jiraya is Naruto's godfarther. For Naruto's farther (also know as the 4th Hokage) got the name Naruto from one of Jiraya's books. Well Back to the teacher thing. Well when jiraya went to the toad mountain (he was practicing as a sage at the time) The chief toad had a prophese that Jiraya would have a pupil that would either save the world our destroy the world.

Is Naruto related to jiraya?

No, but he is his godfather.

Does Naruto hate jiraya?

No but he hates you

Is jiraya Naruto's godfather?

Yes. He is.

Who is the mentor of Naruto?

Jiraya the sanin

In what episode does Naruto meet jiraya?

naruto episode 53-54

Is jiraya stronger than Naruto?

Not now because of Naruto being able to control the nine tails and his sage mode is stronger than Jiraya.

Who is jiraya in Naruto?

jiraya is one of three legendary sannin, the toad sage and narutos godfather

How did Jiraya die in the Naruto manga?

he fight against pain in shipudden episode 132-133 and then he died!

Who is stronger Naruto or jiriaya?

Jiraya ilove you

Does someone kills jiraya?

Yes,on naruto shippuden 133,Jiraya died by the leader of akatsuki,pein

Who is the creator of Naruto's Namesake?

His mother and father decided to name him after the main character in Jiraya's 1st book, The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja. This makes Jiraya the creator of Naruto's namesake. Jiraya thought of this name while eating ramen.

How does jiryia die in Naruto Shippuden?

yes pein kills him while jiraya is in sage mode and he is in his six paths

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