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Well kinda my opinion is trish and carlito make a good couple but her and Jeff Hardy make a better couple FYI I think their one of the best couples on WWE and his brother Matt Hardy makes a good couple with Ashley Acually They went out a couple time on WWE and real life Same With Maria and Cm Punk these couples r like the best couples on WWE but John Cena and Maria made a good couple John Cena and Candice Michelle also made a good couple but I think Cena and Candice Michelle Punk and Kanellis Hardy and Ashley Jeff and Trish Lillian and Edge kinda Carlito and Torrie Wilson Kelly Kelly and The Miz Melina and John Morrison Cherry And Domino Layla and Cody Rhodes Eve and Hardcore Holly Brooke and Brian Kendrick Triple h and Stephanie McMahon Shawn Michaels and Michelle MCcool!!!!!!!!!!!

July 24, 2008

Trish and Cena never dated. Trish is married to her highschool sweetheart and Cena is dating Mickie

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Who do you think makes a better couple John Cena and Trish Stratus or Carlito and Trish Stratus?

I think John Cena and Trish would make a better couple because they were both great champions ( John Cena as WWE Champion and Trish as Women's champion) they both have great voices, they are both HOT and popular, and both are DEFINITELY good looking :) Which makes them compatible for each other... July 31, 2008 Just because they are both Hot and papular and good looking, doesn't mean they are compatible for each other!!! And since Trish is married to her high school sweetheart this question really doesn't apply. Ok first off, trish said in her interview a couple of weeks ago on dirict tv she wasnt intrsted in anyone in WWE. She isnit married shes single but shes happy! So stop stessin her and let the girl live1 NO BECAUSE TRISH IS SUCKING ON MY **** RIGHT NOW

Does john cena like trish stratus or Candice Michelle?

== John Cena's favourite diva was Trish Stratus but now that she's gone, I don't know who his favourite current WWE Diva is. I think it's safe to say that he does in fact get along well with both women. 14march 2009 Cena is dating Trish stratus, as both of them make a nice couple. Trish is a beautiful women. March 2009 Cena has never dated either one Trish or Candice. Trish is married to her high school sweetheart Ron and has been for several years now. Candice has been married since 2005 to a doctor named Ken. do the research before posting lies.

Does John Cena have tattoos?

john cena dont got tattos because he thinks they make you look stronger but john cena thinks he looks storng enough.

What did john cena do to make such a body?

to make a win.

Will John cena create a group to stop nexus?

Yes, John Cena will make a group to stop Nexus..

When did cena make his WWE debut?

John cena make his WWE debut in June 27, 2002 John Cena debuted in the WWE in 2002. Kurt Angle issued an open challenge to have anybody who hadn't faced him before wrestle him. John Cena came out this made his debut.

Did batista and trish stratus date?

Yes they did because they have pics together. They make a good couple!

How can you make john cena and mickie James break up?

Cena and Mickie are not dating! John Cena is getting married to his high school sweetheart in July 2009

How do you make a john Cena CAW on Smackdown vs raw for PS3?

Why would you do that? John Cena is already in the game as a playable character.

When did cena make that statement?

john cena made it once he started cant see me!

Why is John Cena a wrestler?

To make money and be famous

Is john cena going to make a movie in 2012?


Did Cena make it to WrestleMania 26?

if he wins the elimination chamber tonight!! go John Cena!!<3

How do you make a WWE toy table?

its easy john cena

Did john cena make WWE turn pg?

No the network did

What make John Cena famous?

the marine,fred,wwe

Is john cena going to make a way to get out of the nxt?


Who will win at over the limit john cena or batista?

john cena he will put the stf and make batist say "i quite" yes by aditute adjustment

Is john Cena divorce Liz?

john cena fall in love with an other women and liz is having an relation with secret guy so that make things go worst . john make decision .he will divorce her soon

Will Darren young make wade barrett lose against John cena at hell in a cell?

yes No Cena lost

Why did John Cena stop wrestling?

He hasn't. John Cena did not stop wrestling. He was fired by Nexus leader Wade Barrett. Actually, John Cena suppose to make Wade Barrett as new WWE Champion at Survivor Series 2010 wrestling main event. However, John Cena did not support Wade Barrett and perfectly did his job as match referee. However, John Cena used to destroy every Nexus member but after Nexus members forced Wade Barrett to rehire John Cena in order to take retribution. Finally, Wade Barrett rehired John Cena but defeated by John Cena at Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010 pay per view in a Chairs match.

How do you modify a WWE undisputed replica belt?

You can do what John Cena did, make it cooler and make it spin.

When will john cena return to raw?

John Cena Will make his return 1 year after his injury which will fall upon a day in may. He will be the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship Title.

Is there going to be a match for the WWE Championship on Raw John Cena vs Batista?

Yes and John Cena is going to make Batista wish he never messed with him in the first place!

When is john cena going to make his surprise return to wwe raw?

He sort of has been the past couple weeks, showing up as a ticket-holding audience member to foil Nexus' matches.

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