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Does john cena and trish make a nice couple?


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Well kinda my opinion is trish and carlito make a good couple but her and Jeff Hardy make a better couple FYI I think their one of the best couples on WWE and his brother Matt Hardy makes a good couple with Ashley Acually They went out a couple time on WWE and real life Same With Maria and Cm Punk these couples r like the best couples on WWE but John Cena and Maria made a good couple John Cena and Candice Michelle also made a good couple but I think Cena and Candice Michelle Punk and Kanellis Hardy and Ashley Jeff and Trish Lillian and Edge kinda Carlito and Torrie Wilson Kelly Kelly and The Miz Melina and John Morrison Cherry And Domino Layla and Cody Rhodes Eve and Hardcore Holly Brooke and Brian Kendrick Triple h and Stephanie McMahon Shawn Michaels and Michelle MCcool!!!!!!!!!!!

July 24, 2008

Trish and Cena never dated. Trish is married to her highschool sweetheart and Cena is dating Mickie