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As of December 13th 2009 John Cena was still the WWE Champion. On December 14th he lost the title to Sheamus at the TLC PPV in a Tables Match.

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No.The Rock is now retired but is a movie star.

John Cena isn't currently holding any titles right now. The last date he held a title was June 20, 2010 when he was defeated by Sheamus for the WWE Title.

no he was out of it but now his back!

John Cena is currently the WWE champion.

Right now - No idea. As of now CM Punk is the WWE champ. He retained his title in the Elimination Chamber Pay per view. He is scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Cena has a match with the Rock at Wrestlemania. So, if at all Cena wins the title again, it will be after Wrestlemania

of course no one can't beat him of superstars that he is on WWE now cena is unbroken

its not Shemus anymore its now JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. He is the World Heavyweight Champion now!

John cena is the man in the wwe

He is still in wwe. It is just a storyline.

My Time is Now and Basic Thuganomics

He has returned now after Wade Barrett reinstated him.

John cena was but now he is the 10 time

A Record 11 times. Cena holds the record for most number of WWE Title reigns in the WWE. He is also the current reigning World Heavyweight champion and is a 3 time world heavyweight champ in the WWE. He is arguably the biggest star in the WWE right now

He is Married to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is now Elizabeth Cena they got married on July 11,2009.

The two titles are not combined. Currently the WCW title is renamed world heavyweight title and is currently held by Edge and the WWF title is renamed as WWE title and is currently held by Randy Orton now undertaker has the heavyweight championship wheras john cena has the wwe championship

Not right now. But I hope he will win the championship back!!

John Cena is WWE's main franchise. McMahon will continue to main event Cena for the next several years. As to when he will lose the title, Randy Orton is hungrier for gold now than ever.but I'm thinking Sheamus will take the title away from Cena sooner rather than later.#REDIRECT Is_Brock_Lesnar_going_to_come_back

The current reigning WWE champion is Randy Orton. Other guys who have held the title in the past few years are:John CenaThe RockCM PunkDaniel BryanAlberto Del RioSheamus

Yes, John Cena was a gangsta and had his chain gang but then WWE told him that he has to be a better role model. Then, John kissed the WWE's @$$ and did what they said. Now instead of heel John Cena and the chain gang, we have face John Cena and the cenation which is just stupid.

He hasn't actually been fired. It is just a storyline.

Yes. Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena at the Summerslam 2013 pay per view to win the WWE Title. However, after the match, Randy Orton tried to cash-in his money in the bank contract and Triple h attacked Bryan from behind to help Orton beat him. Right now Orton is the WWE champ

John Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachussets. Due to the heavy schedule of WWE Programming, his family currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

on a place called "funmaza" you will find WWE theme songs which are by or from WWE wrestlers