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As of December 13th 2009 John Cena was still the WWE Champion. On December 14th he lost the title to Sheamus at the TLC PPV in a Tables Match.

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Q: Does john cena have the WWE title now?
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Will the rock challenge john cena for the WWE title?

No.The Rock is now retired but is a movie star.

Is John Cena out of the WWE?

no he was out of it but now his back!

Is john cena out of wwe?

no he was out of it but now his back!

What champion is john cena?

John Cena isn't currently holding any titles right now. The last date he held a title was June 20, 2010 when he was defeated by Sheamus for the WWE Title.

What is the name of John Cena's WWE entrance music?

My Time Is Now by John Cena

Who has the WWE championship now?

John Cena is currently the WWE champion.

Who is WWE champion now at 2009?

John Cena

When will john ccena be WWE champion?

Right now - No idea. As of now CM Punk is the WWE champ. He retained his title in the Elimination Chamber Pay per view. He is scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Cena has a match with the Rock at Wrestlemania. So, if at all Cena wins the title again, it will be after Wrestlemania

When is john Cena going to lose the WWE championship?

John Cena is WWE's main franchise. McMahon will continue to main event Cena for the next several years. As to when he will lose the title, Randy Orton is hungrier for gold now than ever.but I'm thinking Sheamus will take the title away from Cena sooner rather than later.#REDIRECT Is_Brock_Lesnar_going_to_come_back

When does john cena return to WWE 2011?

He is back now.

Did john cena is the most better wrestler in the WWE roster now?

of course no one can't beat him of superstars that he is on WWE now cena is unbroken

When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt?

He has now.

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