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Q: Does kraft still make pimento cheese spread?
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does kraft still make pimento cheese spread in a jar?


What happened to Kraft cheese in a jar?

Kraft still makes cheese spread that you can purchase in a jar. You may just not have it in your store. You can find many of the jars of cheese at Walmart.

Does Kraft still make garlic cheese?

Kraft garlic cheese has not been for sale since 2003 because of competitor demand

Where can you purchase Neufchatel Cheese Spread with Pineapple in a jar?

Sadly, you cannot, that I know of. When I was a kid, and even into my teens, Kraft still made Neufchatel cheese spread with pineapple, in a jar. The cheese was more like a thickish cream cheese, but a tiny bit sweet, maybe from the pineapple. It was delicious and my mom used to stuff celery with it and put it on crackers. I am going to try to make something similar this Thanksgiving using Kraft Neufchatel cheese in bar form and mixing in tiny bits of pineapple. I might even add in some finely chopped walnuts or pecans. I found it at shopfoodex dot com; look for kraft pineapple cheese spread.

Can pimento cheese be frozen?

I bet you can freeze it. It's not like tomatoes or strawberries, that pretty much have to be cooked or blended straight from the freezer. As far as spoilage, I just opened a package that said best if used by Feb 2008, and it's July. It still smells like a fresh pack. I just ate a half sandwich of it, so we'll see! That may sound crazy, but I've always followed the smell test and pimento spread is made with cheese and vinegar, so I believe it's pickled in a way. ---------Are you insane ? Pimento cheese is NOT made with vinegar. Cheese, mayonnaise & pimentos (the basis .... some add other thing such as worcestershire, cayenne pepper, salt etc - but NOT vinegar) You should NOT FREEZE PIMENTO CHEESE, The oil sin the mayo & cheese separate which makes for an edible but unpleasant P.C. cheese & vinegar .....EWWW ! Shudder ! (pickled cheese ? gag!) --------Palmetto Cheese has an article on their site along with pictures as to what happens when you freeze pimento cheese....not a good idea. Here's the link to the article.

Does Kraft still make macaroni and cheese crackers?

No. They were discontinued by high rates of money.

Is Kraft American cheese singles still good after being left out of the refrigerator inside for 4 days?


Why can't I still find Kraft grated american cheese in the 3 oz plastic shaker containers as the parmesan cheese?

Because they stopped making it.

Is Kraft still producing Old English Cheddar slices?

Only in a cheese spread. You can find it in a small jar in most groceries. I grew up eating from a log the size of velveta. No longer available. Makes me very sad.

Is nacho cheese spread still good til it's experation after being open?

Nacho cheese is probably not going to be good by then.

Does Nabisco still make tidbits cheese crackers?

No. They stop production several years back. For a close taste, try the new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers Mild Cheddar or Sharp Cheddar.

Will pimento peppers turn red if picked while still green?


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