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I don't usually post answers on these things, but I'm getting tired of hearing my girlfriends tell me that their hair grows faster when they get goosebumps, so I figure I'll just clear this up once and for all. No, goosebumps do not make hair grow faster. It is a myth that has been fabricated and spread around by women (and some men) who feel that their skin is prickly when they get goosebumps even if it was perfectly smooth just moments before. So, lets think about this logically and scientifically. Every hair in our bodies is rooted at the base of a hair follicle, which is located just under the surface of the skin. When we shave, what we are doing is trimming, or shaving the hair that is just above the skin. Goosebumps occur when the hair follicles contract and squeeze together causing the base of the follicle to be pushing up, and along with it, the unshaven hair that was sitting under the skin just a second ago, but is now pushed above the skin, giving us that prickly feeling. The important part to remember in all this is that once the goosebumps go away, the contracted follicles that are pushing the hair up relax, bringing the hair back down under the skin, because the hair is, of course still attached to the base of the follicle! And so was abolished the goosebump/ fast hair growing myth☺

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Q: Does leg hair grow when you get goosebumps?
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Do goosebumps make your leg hair grow back faster?


Does your hair grow when you get goosebumps?

No, it merely stands up.

How do you grow leg hair?

Letting it grow.

Does yawning cause leg hair to grow?

No. Yawning does not cause leg hair to grow. What does cause leg hair to grow (either thicker or darker) is shaving, genetics, and your overall hormones in your body.

Does the leg grow pubic hair?

Yes. And your pubic area goes leg hair.

Is it possible to never grow leg hair?


How do you get leg hair to grow fast?

Well, some people try to get rid of leg hair. But for now leg hair grows by it's time. I don't think something can make you leg hair grow faster because a lot of people don't want it.

How do you grow long leg hair?

why would you want to grow long leg hair. but any way when you shave a few times it usually grows more after.

When do boys grow leg hair?

They go through puberty

Can you grow your leg hair long enough to braid it?


Does Lymphedema make leg hair grow faster?


Do goose bumps make your hair grow?

it does not because goosebumps is just a nerve reaction it probably just makes you hair stand up . ^-^

Why hair on hip or butt region of men?

You have hair folacules ever where on your body! It's kyats like us girls having hair in our area!LOL When you sweat or get goosebumps your "hair" will grow where ever it is on your body girls watch your legs next time u get goosebumps!:)

Will hair on your leg grow back if you pluck it?

yes it will, it just wont grow back as thick as if you were to shave them.

Is it possible to get goosebumps on your face?

Goosebumps are caused by the contraction of the muscles at the base of a hair. This causes the hair to stand up, and the skin to form a bump at the base of the hair. While most humans don't get goosebumps on their face, some people who have hairy faces do, in fact get goosebumps on their face.

Why don't goosebumps form on the wrist?

Goosebumps can only form where you have hair follicles. The bump is formed by the muscle causing the hair to stand up straight when you are cold or scared or whatever else causes you to get goosebumps. But on hairless areas of your body, you will not get goosebumps.

Does leg hair turn gray?

yes as the person gets older they grow a lot of grey or white hair

What happen to you as you reach puberty?

- darker leg and arm pit hair - hair by your crotch - you get your period - you grow boobs

Does shaving your leg hair make it grow uglier?

only if you shave with the grain. shave up, against the direction of your leg hair so that it grows back neatly

How can you make a boys leg hair grow thicker and faster?

Cut your legs off.

Why does leg hair seem to grow faster in the summer or is this a myth?

It's true that hair grows fater in the summmer than the winter... not juat leg hair but hair in general haha...X] It's true that hair grows fater in the summmer than the winter... not just leg hair but hair in general haha...X]

Is a leg hair drug test accurate beyond 90 days?

Probably yes. Leg hair takes about 4 months to fully grow so anything that has been in your system in the last 120 days will show up in your leg hair.

If you shave your leg does the hair get bigger?

No that's a myth. Shaving is a nusiance because the hair does seem to grow back thicker.

When the hair of the hand stand straight what is the word?


What causes hair on skin to stand up?

If you have goosebumps