Does lemon help melting ice cubes?


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I don't know work it out!

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ice cubes that melt are called as melting ice cubes

No. The phase change requires adding heat, so melting ice cubes is an endothermic reaction.

Ice cubes explode in a drink because they are melting at a fast rate. The ice cannot contract fast enough to keep up with the melting, which causes it to crack.

a shape of an ice does affect melting time because i know

Yes. Salt, for example, will speed up the melting of ice cubes.

Melting of the ice cubes if the temperature of water is maintained above 0 0C.

If Ice cubes are melting in water, the temperature of both the ice cubes and the water will be exactly the freezing temperature of water: 32F, 0C. You cannot change this. You can add heat to make the ice cubes melt faster, but the extra heat will have no effect on the temperature, It will all go to melting the ice cubes.

At thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit ice cubes will melt in diet coke.

The dark fabric absorbs heat - which is transferred to the ice cubes, melting them faster.

at 1atm its 0C,32F, or 273K

Sugar has very little effect on melting point - it is too high molecular weight. That might answer your question, which does not make sense as written. Thus, it melts faster with sugar, because other ice cubes slow melting.

Either the temprature should be maintained (Low) or by adding up the salt will reduce the melting time of ice

of course ! melting is favoured by heat

No, it is a physical change, not a chemical reaction.

Sadly, ice cubes DO NOT help you lose weight! They are only frozen water and water DOES NOT help you lose weight! I have no idea why you have asked that!

Dont put them in your mouth that should help

In general condition, no. Due to lowered freezing point from present of sugar and salt in juice cube thus the juice cube would reach the melting point faster than ice cube. Diffusion of sugar and salt content from juice cube would help promote convection heat transfer to the juice cube surface. Some specific condition having ice cubes melt faster involve having juice cubes start at extremely lower temperature and present ice cube at the melting point.

the temperature of ice cubes are lower than the temperature of the water around them. The heat energy from the water is used up in the process of melting the ice, so the water temperature drops.

I would say the glass of coke (served with ice-cubes in it) is colder than the can. The melting ice-cubes in the glass of coke hold it at constant freezing/melting temperature (32F), the can of coke comes out of the refrigerator at the same temperature as the refrigerator (~35F) and warms from there.

this will depend on the temperature of the atmosphere the ice cube is in and the surface area to volume ratio of the ice cube amongst other things....

The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

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