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That depends on the person that was injured and the circumstances of the incident. But yes accidents that happen in or around the home can be covered.

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Q: Does liability insurance include accidents that occur at your home?
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What are the advantages of marine insurance?

The advantage of having marine insurance is that it reduces the liability that may occur when damage happens. It protects vessel owners in the event of theft, accidents, mistakes, and also provides compensation for illness, injury or death.

Why would a contractor need liability insurance?

A contractor may insist on the notion of liability insurance in case any unforeseen incidents may occur, such as a roof caving in, so they can not be held accountable.

Do you need liability insurance for a cleaning business in Florida?

You should always carry liability insurance and a surety bond for a cleaning company to protect you and your customers from any accidents that my occur from your work. Both are very cheap Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites:

How would decreasing the number of auto accidents effect insurance premiums?

FOr each accident that occurs, this results in a loss for the insurance agent. The less accidents that occur, the cheaper they become. Simple business practice

What is covered by public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers damage or injury to third parties, whether they be visitors, tradesmen of even trespassers, that occur on your property or through your actions or lack of action.

What types of illnesses does AKC Pet Insurance cover?

AKC Pet Insurance offers coverage for many illnesses and accidents that may occur. These include, but are not limited to, allergic reactions, burns, lacerations, emergency care, heart worms, etc.

Do I need collision car insurance in New Jersey?

Insurance is compulsory wherever you may live. IT will always be recommended that you have collision insurance as accidents can occur anytime and anywhere.

What common accidents occur in food service?

There are several common accidents in the food service business. Common accidents include eye injury, falls, sprains, burns, and lacerations.

What are the disadvantages of road accidents?

One of the main disadvantages of road accidents is injuries that occur from them. Other disadvantages include traffic backup, and damage.

What are the different types of business insurances?

There are a great many different types of business insurance. Most companies will have a general liability insurance which covers the legal and other costs of everyday risks. Beyond this there might be property insurance for any buildings and equipment and liability insurance for products that are sold by the company. Some companies have professional liability insurance to cover any errors or malpractice that might occur.

When do most accidents occur for pilots?

Most accidents occur on take-off.

How many car accidents occur each day in the US?

That is impossible to answer accurately because so many auto accidents go unreported to either police or insurance companies.

What are the advantages to getting cruise insurance?

For the most part, the insurance covers if their are any accidents that may occur on the cruise. I would recommend this just incase anything happens.

How do accidents occur?

accidents can happen at any time and place . they are dangerous as they cause injury to people . accidents occur due to carelessness .

Help to write your speech on road accidents?

A speech on road accidents should include statistics and facts on the number of incidents that occur each year. Reasons for the prevalence of road accidents should also be included.

Why isn't the cost of liability insurance proportional to the amounts of protection for instance why doesn't a 100000 limit of liability cost two and one-half times as much as a 40000 limit?

The cost of liability insurance is not proportional to the amount of protection of insurance because it is based on cost of overhead and payout. The office costs for one policy are the same as for another policy regardless of amount. The other reason has to do with payout. An accident occurred. A driver ran a stop sign and hit another car. The driver that ran the stop sign was at fault. He did $ 5,000 worth of damage to the other car. His insurance covered it. It did not matter if he had $ 10,000 worth of insurance or $ 100,000 worth of insurance. The insurance company still paid $ 5,000. Since most accidents are in that range, most of the costs go to cover that type of accident. Very few accidents occur that would cost $90,000 to fix. The cost of insurance that is against rare events is quite low.

Most accidents in urban areas occur where?

Most accidents in urban areas occur at intersections.

What's student accident insurance?

Student accident insurance is a type of insurance plan available to students. It is a plan that is supposed to cover the student for any accidents that occur on school property or while with a school organization.

What is general liability insurance?

Usually this is insurance taken out by a business to protect against the risk of being sued - or held liable - for damage or injury that occur while they're conducting their business

Cheap Business Insurance?

Home Insurance Theyโ€™ll additionally examine policies, packages, and quotes from a number of insurance coverage corporations to ensure you have the best safety in place. โ€œAccidents do happen, so your staff will obtain financial protection for missed wages and medical bills for any unlucky mishaps that occur at work,โ€ Moore says. As a small business owner, you might be overwhelmed with all of the insurance options out there and what will work best for your situation. We've broken it down for you on why we think Mutual Insurance is the best choice for small business owners. Read more at link given in profile.

Where do the most school bus accidents occur?

in my opinion most accidents occur at when the school time overs,because all the little children try to cross the road by themselves an accidentally accidents occur.

What time of day do most traffic accidents occur?

Most accidents happen between the hours of 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm. This is when 76% of the accidents in the USA occur.

Where do most accidents occurs?

Most accidents really occur in the heart.

What is the percentage of accidents that occur near or at a home that require CPR?

Over 70% of accidents occur at a home that require CPR.

Under which conditions do boating accidents occur?

Most boating accidents occur when the weather is calm and clear and winds are light. The main cause of boating accidents is human error.