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Yes, it travels in waves, but it doesn't need a medium.

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No. light waves required no medium for transmission.

I assume you are thinking about a "medium". If a wave travels through some "substance", such a substances is called a medium. In the case of light waves, or electromagnetic waves in general, the medium is empty space - nothing is required to fill the space.

No medium is required by electromagnetic waves to traverse.

No. It travels as electromagnetic waves. Compression requires a medium that is compressed (and rarefied) but light travels through vacuum.

Diffraction of light waves is caused by the density of the medium through which the light is passing. Diffraction results when light travels from rarer to denser medium.

Light travels in a vacuum as waves of photons. They do not need a medium in which to travel.

Sound is a form of energy that travels "through" a mechanical medium. Light can be modelled as waves in certain circumstances. No mechanical medium is detectable, so either there is no medium, or the medium also propagates all matter the same way (Lorentz aether). The photoelectric effect shows that, just like sound is just motions of particles, so is light. electromagnetic

transverse waves travels dense medium.

Light travels by waves. Sound travels by waves.

Sound and water waves are mechanical and therefore need a medium. Light is an electromagnetic wave which travels as a particle-wave, so it does not need a medium to travel through.

Light travels in waves, and sound travels in waves. However, sound waves and light waves are very different, and it is important not to confuse the two. Light travels in electromagnetic waves, and sound does not. Sound waves are caused by vibration.

Electromagnetic waves mean "Waves requiring no medium" As light waves are infact "Very small particles called photons with neither MASS nor any WEIGHT" so light when travels makes a medium for itself.

Light travels in waves.

Nothing. Sound waves are mechanical waves and light waves are electromagnetic waves. The two do not affect each other. Note that electromagnetic waves do not require a medium through which to travel. Sound waves (or any other mechanical waves) require a medium for transmission. And the medium through which a mechanical wave travels will affect an electromagnetic wave.

"A compressible medium." "A displaceable medium."

no they do not have a medium.

No. light travels as transverse waves.

medium (plural media). Note that a wave does not always need a medium. Most do, but light (electromagnetic waves) does not.

Unlike waves in water, for example, light waves don't require a medium at all. They can (and do) travel through a complete vacuum, for example. If you'd like to read about this, the wikipedia article on light, and also on 'The Aether' will be of interest.

speed of light is different for materials of different refractive index and also higher the refractive index lesser will be speed of light in that medium. so if light travels from rarer to denser medium (with respect to refractive index) then light waves will change their speed

Sound waves must travel through a medium, light does not require a medium. Sound waves are longitudinal waves, light are transverse waves.

When a compression wave travels through a medium, the particles of the medium move parallel to the direction of the wave. Compression waves are commonly called longitudinal waves.

light travels very fast! it travels in the form of waves.

False, you can see the visible light from stars that travels through the vacuum of space

No electromagnetic wave, including visible light, requires a medium in order to propagate fromone place to another.(Notice how we're able to see the sun and the stars by means of the visible light waves thatthey emit, which travels across millions of miles of empty space in which there is no medium.)