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Love hurts like hell, even when you've found your soulmate.

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Q: Does love hurt
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What song has lyrics What is love baby don't hurt me?

Its What is Love? By Haddaway. Haddaway's What is Love "What is love Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more What is love" Kinda repetitive :)

What is love... baby dont hurt medont hurt you no more?

What is love? Baby. . Don't hurt me. . .Don't hurt me. . . No more. . .

Is love supposed to hurt at a point in life?

Love is never supposed to hurt, but it does.

what it.s love?

Baby dont hurt me, baby don't hurt me.... No more

What is love baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more?

Its a song man. Just a song.

Why do you hurt the ones you love?

they need the love Answer I don't think we intend to hurt the ones we love. We are human and make mistakes and sometimes the ones we love may get hurt by those mistakes. If they didn't love us they wouldn't get hurt because our actions would not effect them emotionally.

What is better love or friendship?

Good friendship has love in it. Good love has friendship in it. don't hurt your friend for love don't hurt your lover for friendship

What is love Baby don't hurt me?

Don't Hurt Me No More!

What is Love Baby Don't hurt me!?

Don't Hurt Me No More!

Hurt by the girl you love?

She doesn't deserve your love then..

What is love why are you hurt when you love?

Love is like a rosary that full of mystery.. If you are in love, you are very happy,, you can do things you have not done before,, you hurt somebody.,, and most of all,, you are hurt,, we are hurt maybe because the person we love is just playing with us.. or maybe he doesn't really love us,, but if there are no fight in a relationship,,, even once,,, that is not a might love someone,, but,, does he/she loves you?hope this could help

How do you hurt someone you love?

The one possible way to do this is break up .But you should not hurt someone you love. If you hurt them ,you will also get hurt.

How do you love someone without getting hurt?

If two people are madly in love, there is no need to even feel hurt.

Why would any of us hurt the one we promise to love and cherish?

because we love them and we dont want to hurt them

What is Love Baby don't Hurt Me don't Hurt Me No More?


What actors and actresses appeared in I Love to Hurt You - 2000?

The cast of I Love to Hurt You - 2000 includes: Nicole Bass

Why do you get hurt by love?

coz we believe the person whom we love............

Does love ever hurt?


Why must you hurt when find true love?

if you have to hurt its mostlikely not true love. true love is exactly the opposite you should be happy Answer Because sometimes you cannot be together.

Pain because of love?

It will only hurt if the one you love stabs you ;)

What happens if you admit love to a girl that doesn't love you?

it"ll hurt...

Would you hurt someone you love if you dont know if they love you back?

No I would not. That is not the correct way to go about a Breakup, or other relationship difficultys. Answer If you love someone you wouldn't hurt them whether they love you back or not.

If someone hurt you should you love them back?

Depends in the way you were hurt. Please explain.

Can a person in love willingly hurt the loved one in revenge for a hurt?

Yes - I have done it.

What planet rolates clockwise?

What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more