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Macaroni is from wheat grain that pasta companies make into different types of pasta for the consumer. They do not grow on trees.


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Natural, Pine comes from pine trees and trees grow naturally!

Wood comes from trees. It is not man-made.

Wood comes from trees. It is not man-made.

Macaroni Penguins( like many) are endangered because of man-made pollution, destroying food sources, oil spills, boats, and deforestation.

polyester cant not grow as it is a man made fibre that is made from factories.

The cast of Macaroni Man - 2006 includes: Greg Eagles as Grim

Woods are not man-made, they are natural, they came from trees.

It depends on how man maintains trees. If man clear-cuts (cuts down all the trees in an area) and does not replace them, then no, they are not renewable. However, if man cuts only the mature trees from a forest and leaves the rest, the younger trees will grow and seeds from those trees will produce new trees. In that case, trees are renewable and the forest will keep reseeding itself. Man can also plant young trees to replace those he cuts.

To grow trees,avoid cutting trees,look after the trees,should be against deforestation,should not pollute the soil,water,air.

Paper is made from trees (wood).Wood is Natural but they have processed the wood and made paper. Therefore it is man-made.

Calico is made from old trees that have been strung. It is a man-made fibre.

synthetic paper is paper that is made from man made materials and not from trees

No. Velcro is man made

dumb-y's and no i am not making this up

no wood is made out of sheep Trees are made from wood, or to put it another way, wood is the material beneath the bark of trees and shrubs, it is cut and dried to be used by man, it is then called timber.

No carrots are a root. They grow underground

Yes. They do not grow, and are not dug from the earth.

Something which is man-made, such as buildings and statues - not rocks and trees.

Yes, a CD case is definitely man-made. It doesn't grow naturally on the Earth or anything obviously.

No, he grown into a grown man who throws appleseeds to the ground to grow some apple trees

the difference is that man made is made from factories or by hand of a human and natural fabrics are just found in nature (plants, trees, animals).

People made the ecosystem artificially by bringing trees, animals, "creating" hills, and/or other things such as crushing rocks for sand for a man-made desert.

A natural resource is a commodity that can be used by man that can occur naturally without human intervention. For example, timber is a natural resource as trees grow everywhere, but plastic is not a natural resource as it has to be made.

Many elastics are man-made, but natural rubber also exists in latex form in the sap of rubber trees and some other plants.

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