Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Does manic-depression help creativity?

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Sometimes but more often it is a disaster.

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Creativity and innovation?

Creativity and innovation are very useful things to have in this world. The world is always changing and creativity and innovation help.

How is creativity involved with science?

Creativity could help scientists by thinking it their work. It could help them in inventing machinery by allowing them to think outside the box, etc.

How do you use creativity in a sentence?

Creativity means using your imagination to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. Here are some sentences.Her creativity makes her a great artist.Use your creativity to make sentences.Creativity can help you to come up with new ideas.

How do you make an awesome presentation on stardoll?

use your creativity......being creative will help you ;*

What is creativity in 1000 words?

WikiAnswers will not write a thousand-word report for you. Creativity is the ability to think "outside the box" and imagine different ways to solve problems. Perhaps writing a thousand words about creativity will help you to become more creative.

Does theater help express ones creativity?

yes it does because you transform the role into what you thonk it is

How patents help reward creativity?

Patents give recognition to the inventor - as the person who first created it.

What is the adjective for creativity?

The adjective of creativity is creative

A sentence for the word creativity?

Her creativity knows no bounds. The artwork won a prize for the most creativity.

What is the word creativity in Greek?

Creativity is δημιουργικότητα [dhimiourgikótita].

Who is patron saint of creativity?

There is no patron saint of creativity.

Example of creativity in the journal?

Example of creativity in the journal

How does science involve creativity?

Science involves creativity because you need creativity in order to get an idea, answer, and/or hypothesis. For example, you need creativity to see what you are going to do in a science fair or on a project.

What has the author Mark A Runco written?

Mark A. Runco has written: 'Creativity, Art, and Artists' 'Problem Finding, Problem Solving, and Creativity' 'The Creativity Research Handbook (Perspectives on Creativity)'

Does juggling help your brain grow?

well not necessarily what it will do though is increase your balance, creativity, math, and concentrating skills.

What are five important attitudes that help scientist in their work?

The attitudes are curiosity,honesty,open-mindness and skeptism,and creativity!

What character traits help a person succeed in a new venture?

focus,resilience,creativity,perseverance,self regulations

What is the adjective of creativity?

Creative is the adjective form for the noun creativity.

Do school uniforms stop creativity?

No! Uniforms do not stifle creativity.

Creativity in advertising?

Creativity in advertising is essential to a good career. Creativity is needed to come up with the new idea for an ad.

Give you a sentence with the word Creativity?

Creativity means the ability to come up with new concepts or art. Her creativity is astonishing.

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