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Any smoking will discolor teeth.

There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke and tar will discolor your teeth, but, you could smoke marijuana once a week for 30 years, and you probably wouldn't really have any problems, the same cannot be said of smoking cigarettes.


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Q: Does marijuana smoking turn teeth brown?
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Does marijuana smoking turn the teeth yellow?

No it turns them f'n pink

Does smoking marijuana turn your tongue green?

No it does not.

Will smoking marijuana turn your tongue green?


Does smoking turn your teeth black?

Smoking turns the teeth a yellow-black color because of the tar that is in it.

Why does smoking cause yellow teeth?

your teeth turn yellow because of the tar in the cigarette

How bad is smoking weed?

Well, as you get older you will turn very ugly, and talk funny. your teeth can turn brown and you might die. You loose things in your brain as well. Just dont do it!

Does smoking cause teeth decay?

Yes it does i had a smoking assembly at school once and they said it makes your teeth turn yellow and then later go black i seen on the smoking box to

Are there physical side effects to smoking marijuana?

Yes, but onlytemporarily. Your eyes will turn bloodshot and maybe watery and they may appear chinked. Hunger also ensures after smoking marijuana.

Is marijuana smoking habit forming?

Marijuana is a non-addictive substance. However, humans can turn anything into a habit.

Can smoking pot turn your teeth green?

no, but lips will go purple.

Can smoking turn your hair green?

No. Smoking can not turn your hair green. it can do other things like turn your teeth yellow and turn your hair gray and get wrinkles. Also die sooner.

What makes your teeth turn black?

Cavities typically are what make your teeth turn black or brown. These cavities come from not regularly brushing your teeth.

Why do teeth stain?

Smoking and drinking coffee are the main ways, they will turn yellow if you don't brush your teeth too.

How does smoking turn your teeth yellow?

yes. also your finger nails. DO NOT SMOKE!!!!!

What happens to your teeth and breath from smoking?

Smoking will cause your teeth to turn a yellow color after time from the tar out off the ciggerte smoke and will make your breath smell like stail smoke.

How does coke turn your teeth brown?

The cause is the temporary absorption of caramel dissolved in coke on teeth surface.

Why does smoking turn your teeth yellow?

Because of the nicotine from cigarette smoke. The same goes for the fingers.

Does smoking marijuana turn your lips black?

No, but it will turn your lungs black. Joints have 4 times the carcinogenic tar of a cigarette, and are much worse for your pulmonary health.

What type of soda makes your teeth turn brown the fastest?

coke and pepsi

Can dentists tell if you are smoking?

Yes, your teeth turn yellow and they can smell it ( everyone can smell it on you who doesn't smoke).

Why do some people's teeth turn yellow?

Some people's teeth turn yellow due to smoking, I don't smoke and personally don't know a lot on the subject but smoking for a long period of time or having high amounts of cigarettes a day can lead to yellow teeth. Yellow teeth is also caused by decay and not brushing your teeth. Eating too many sweets/sugary foods can also lead to yellow teeth and especially if you don't brush your teeth.

Why are the spaces between your teeth turning brown?

because you have to brush it. or it will turn brown. also if you dont floss often they can become worse.

Which is a short-term effect of tar on the body?

Tar can leave brown stains on your teeth. that is why smokers teeth turn yellow... Your Welcome.

Can smoking weed turn your brain green?

NO! But it can give you lung and gum cancer...and of cource stain your teeth. - Miss. Chanel

What are the effects of Coca Cola on your teeth?

coca cola turn your teach brown and make it feel funny

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