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Q: Does mars have any extinct volcanoes?
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Related questions

Are the volcanoes on Mars active?

No. All the volcanoes on Mars are extinct.

Are volcanoes on Mars extremely active?

No. The volcanoes of Mars are extinct.

Does Mars have extinct volcanoes?


Is there extinct volcanoes on mars?

Yes it has 12 extinct valcanoes on mars and im telling the truth

Are any volcanoes on mars acetiv?

Mars is not thought to have any active volcanoes. However, there are large inactive volcanoes found on the surface of Mars.

Are there any Extinct volcanoes on mercury?


Is there volcanic activity on mars?

There was, but most of the volcanoes (such as Olympus Mons) are now extinct

Which planet do you find dead volcanoes?

Venus, Earth, and Mars all have extinct volcanoes. Earth, however has active and dormant volcanoes as well.

Does Mars have any active volcanoes?


Which planets have volcanoes?

The inner planets. Only Venus and Earth have active volcanoes (volcanoes that are erupting). Mercury and Mars have extinct (dead) volcanoes. Olympus Mons, the largest mountain/volcano in the Solar System, is found on Mars.

Does Texas have any extinct volcanoes?

Yes, Texas has at least two volcanoes.

Are there any active volcanoes in wales?

No. Volcanoes in the British Isles are all extinct.

Does mars have any spots?

Mars has many surface features such as craters and extinct volcanoes, but does not have any 'spots' consisting of large and long lived storm systems in it's atmosphere like those found on Jupiter.

Does mars have the largest volcanoes in the solar system?

Mars has the largest volcano, but it's probably extinct now. It is called "Olympus Mons".

Is there any evidence that there is volcanoes in mars?


Are there any volcanoes in cambodia?

Yes there is an extinct volcano.

Is there any volcanoes on mars?

Mars is home to several volcanoes. It is hard for scientists to keep track of the amount of volcanoes on the planet so Mars is broken down into volcanic provinces.

What is a extinct volcano?

The volcanoes which used to be active in the past and have not shown any signs of blowing up in many years are extinct volcanoes.

Does Spain have any volcanoes?

yes they do. they have over 91 active and 54 extinct volcanoes

Does mercury have extinct volcanoes?

Yes, Mercury has extinct volcanoes.

Does Uranus have any extinct volcanoes?

it cant it is made of gas

Who has more volcanoes Mars or Venus?

Venus definitely have more volcanoes than Mars. Yes, Venus and Mars have pretty much all extinct and dormant volcanoes, but they're still volcanoes. Think of it like this: when someone dies or is in a coma, that doesn't mean they're not human. Yes I know that was dark deal with it :P

What small planets contain giant volcanoes?

The planet Mars has volcanoes far larger than any found on Earth.

Does the sun have any extinct volcanoes?

No. The sun is made entirely of gas and plasma. There is no place for volcanoes to form.

Does the moon have extinct volcanoes?

Yes, the moon has extinct volcanoes and the Earth does as well.