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No. Except for insignificant effects related to Special Relativity, the mass remains constant. The weight, on the other hand, changes. Weight is calcualted as:

weight = mass x gravity

Where "gravity" is the acceleration due to gravity.

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Q: Does mass change on other planets due to gravity?
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Why is your gravity less on other planets?

On other planets your gravity doesn't change. Your weight however changes based on the mass of the planet. For example, on a planet with less mass than Earth, a person will weigh less than they normally do.

Is mass larger on bidder planets or smaller?

Mass does not change with gravity. Weight increases on BIGGER planets and decreases on smaller planets.

Is mass affected by gravity on earth and other planets?

No. Weight is affected by gravity.

Where do the planets get gravity?

Planets have gravity because they have mass.

Is there gravity on all of the planets?

There is gravity everywhere in the universe. It attracts every speck of mass to every other speck of mass.

Does this planet have gravity?

All mass produces a gravity field. All planets have mass. Therefore all planets have gravity.

Do other planets have graivity?

Every speck of mass in the Universe "has gravity".

How is there gravity for the planets?

They all have mass, and masses are attracted to each other.

Why do all the planets have different fields of gravity?

Gravity is a function of mass. All the planets have different mass, so different gravity.

How does weight differ depending on gravity?

Weight, mathematically speaking, is just mass times acceleration due to gravity. Mass is inherent in the object being weighed, and does not change. However, gravity can change (albeit very slightly) even on different points on the earth's surface. And comparing the earth's surface to that of other planets, gravity changes radically due to the difference between Earth's mass and that of other planets. So the greater gravity is, the greater the weight of a particular object will be. This explains the difference between weights of an object on the earth versus that on other planets -gravity is different on different planets. It also explains why comparing the weights of two objects at the same point on the earth's surface shows the difference in the mass of the two objects: the acceleration due to gravity is the same, so that masses are the only things that change.

How come earth has less gravity than other planets?

Gravity is directly related to mass. More mass, more gravity. Less mass, less gravity.

Does the sun give planets gravity?

No. Planets have gravity as a result of their own mass.