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no she thinks that selena is her BFF (Best Friend Forever)


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i think miley does mock her i think that she is not very nice to Selena

Selena Gomez, is this really a tough question for you people?

No, I think it was Miley Cyrus.

i dont think so miley is better

no , that is not true. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are not 'enemies'. There is a difference between enemies and concurents. They both think natural about their relation ship

Definitely Selena Gomez.No offense but Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato dresses really ugly, their voices are really croaky and they belts when they sing.

i think Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the new Miley's

I think Miley Cyrus hates Selena Gomez because Selena stole nick Jonas from here and she put dirty pictures on mileys images

I think the biggest house it is Selena Gomez because she is cute and hot

I don't know, he's dating Selena Gomez so what do you think?

selena gomez is more popular cause she still has a show and miley dosent and i think selena gomez is much better because she dosent smoke or drink drugs!

Miley Cyrus is pretty but Selena Gomez is definitly prettier :) i think that they are very different when it comes to looks ... but if i had to choose i would definitely choose Selina Gomez :)

because everyone says.......hate Miley Cyrus because Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!! Selena Gomez is not better singer,she just can sleep at home!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!did really Justin bieber couple with Selena Gomez!!!!!! i think Justin bieber turn crazy now...........i think jasmine is more beautiful than Selena.............and Selena also take nick from miley!!!!!! nick Jonas just couple with Selena Gomez because wanna made miley jealous............................I HATE SELENA GOMEZ............. Selena Gomez just wear a dress like monkey grandmother...........

(2010) totally Miley Cyrus because Miley Cyrus knows how to sing so Miley Cyrus is a better singer,but Selena Gomez she doesn't know how to sing she has a squicky voice and sometimes she's jealous of Miley Cyrus so i think most people like Miley Cyrus im pretty sure they don't wanna hear the squicky voice which Selena Gomez has so im going with Miley Cyrus i think most people like Miley Cyrus and you should too cause Miley Cyrus is wining Selena boo she's losing so pick miley and people are saying that Selena Gomez is copying Miley Cyrus and that is right she is Selena Gomez is copying Miley Cyrus so she's a copy cater im going with miley cyrrus too because that is the better choice. and Selena Gomez is a boy friend stealer she made Miley Cyrus and Nicki Jonas broke up just because she was jealous so i hate her because of that she is just so jealous about miley just because kids and people like her people like miley better than the boy friend stealer Selena goewwz

Well Selena is Richer, because she is NICE, she is FAIR and she dosent only think about HERSELF. Everyone THINKS that Miley is richer but she isant, and even if she was it wouldn't matter because like I said, SELENA GOMEZ IS NICER THAN MILEY CYRUS!

i think they are because of all the photos together and smiling.

I don't think anyone knows for sure but it might be because Miley thinks that Selena stole Nick Jonas from her.

I personaly think that Selena is a bit more beautifuler then miley, but in some photos i think miley is wayyyy prettyeir than Selena. so over all i think they both have their own unique beautifu lstyle. So you can't really say that one is more beautiful than the other. MILEY CYRUS IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SELENA GOMEZ BEATS HER BY A MILE OF BEATIFULNESS.........

It depends on people's opinions. So, if people like Miley better, than they probably think Miley Cyrus is hotter than Selena Gomez. But, if people like Selena Gomez better, then it the opposite. Selena Gomez is wayyy hotter! Selena Gomez is a bit prettier in the face but Miley Cyrus has a way better body, but i would say Miley because she doesn't look like she's 12. Yea Selena is prettier, but miley does look a little older. but i would still say Selena because that just means theres more to come. and Selena has a way better reputation and a hotter body.

I don't think Miley Cyrus would be jealous of Selena Gomez. They are both successful in their music and acting careers, although Miley Cyrus has been much more successful.There were rumors that Miley Cyrus and Selena had tensions as they both dated Nick Jonas. After Nick and Miley split, Nick and Selena dated.Today, Miley is engaged with her boyfriend of four years, Liam Hemsworth, and Selena remains with her on and off boyfriend, Justin Bieber.When rumors spread that Miley and Liam split, it was reported that Selena warned Justin to stay away from the "newly single" Miley Cyrus.No,Demi is on Miley.

Well, i don't think so..not after miley talked REAL bad about her and About Her B.F.F Selena Gomez..

Miley Cyrus. Selena doesn't really have her own personality. she's controlled by Disney I think selenas better. Have u seen a Miley Cyrus video. Shes a barbie doll with stripper clothes or a stripper with a barbie doll face!

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