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Minsk is the capital of Belorus (White Russia).

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Q: Does minsk belong to white Russia?
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What is Minsk Belarus like?

Minsk is the capital of Belarus (White Russia) in eastern Europe.

Which new nation is also known as white Russia?

Belorus (pronounced Byello ruse) is literally White Russia. The Capital is Minsk.

Where is White Russia?

White Russia is an old-fashioned name for Belarus and was a part of the Soviet Union, which the Nazis invaded in 1941. Before the invasion about 45% of the population of the capital, Minsk, was Jewish.

Which former soviet socialist republic with its capital at minsk is also called white russia and is still stronly linked to moscow?


What city in a country boarders Lithuania Latvia and Russia?


What is the capital for Minsk?

Minsk is not only the capitol city of Belarus (North of Ukraine, East of Poland). It is also a city in the Region of Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation, near the center of Russia.

Is Moscow the capital of Belarus?

The capital of Belarus is Minsk. Moscow is the capital of Russia.

When was Max Hamburger born?

Max Hamburger was born on September 1, 1892, in Minsk, Russia.

Minsk distance to moscow by road?

700 kmThis is the route:Take M1 МАСКВА (Moscow), from Minsk, to RUSSIA, where the road continues as M1.Continue on M1 to Moscow.

Are the solid white rail cars being seen around the nation United Nations cars?

No the belong to russia

Which hemispheres do Poland and Russia belong to?

Poland and Russia belong to the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.

Which term does not belong US Brazil Russia why?

There is no true answer as there is not enough information. For example you could say the US doesnt belong because it has no official language. Or you could say Russia doesnt belong because its not in the Americas. Or you could say Brazil doesnt belong because its majority ethnicity is not white. You need a more specific reason as to why one of these terms do not belong.