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YES!!!!!!! It has to be diluted with water or it will eat away at the surface. I know from personal experience.

This is very strong and corrosive. and should never be used full strength unless you are trained in using.

Muriatic acid is an impure form of hydrochloric acid. It is extremely corrosive and it is advised that you use a face shield, and use in a ventilated area only. The fumes are very corrosive and can cause irreparable lung damage. Improper use can release chlorine gas, a gas used in WW I by the Germans. If the purpose is to clean brick, or etch concrete it can be diluted, and should be. The recommended concentration to clean brick is at least 10 parts water to 1 part acid. If the acid releases a very strong fume on opening use 15 to 20 parts water.

It also reacts with various metals to form an explosive mixture with air.

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Q: Does muriatic acid harm concrete in any way?
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Can too much muriatic acid hurt your sand filter for above ground pools?

NO You would need an awful lot of acid to do any harm there.

How do you shock a pool using muriatic acid?

You can't! Muriatic acid (~32% HCL) will not add any free chlorine to the pool and will not function as a oxidizer (Shock).

What effect will runoff from a cement patio that was cleaned with muriatic acid have on a garden that borders it?

Using muriatic acid to clean masonry is an approved technique, but caution must be exercised. The muriatic acid , even as runoff, is harmful to delicate tissues and any plants in the area. If there is runoff, use lime to neutralize the acid.

Can you use a household glass cup to measure muriatic acid?

Yes muriatic acid does not have any affect on glass and once the glass has been rinsed out with water it is suitable to drink from again.

Can you use white distilled vinegar to etch concrete?

Concrete is very hard. To do any good in etching it you need something very strong. Muriatic Acid is the only thing that I have found that works. How strong you mix it depends on the concrete. Some concrete that was poured with a lot of water in the mix will need less Acid. Concrete that is smooth and hard will take more. Muriatic Acid is caustic. Read the direction. Use rubber gloves; safety glasses; and a respirator. For a large project, such as a driveway or Patio. Use a plastic garbage can. Fill with 10 gallons of water. Carefully pour one gallon of Muriatic Acid into the water and mix with a wooden paddle. Take a plastic watering can and fill it with the solution. Wet your concrete with a water hose, then carefully pour the Acid solution onto the concrete. It will bubble and foam. This is the acid etching the concrete. Let it set for about 15 min. Scrub with a stiff push broom, and then rinse with a water hose. The acid will kill plants and grass. Steve Schillinger = Safety Note = Make sure you put the water in the garbage can first--adding water to acid is a sure way to get splashed with concentrated acid.

Any home remedies for lowering the pH in a pool?

Add muriatic or hydrochloric acid.

How do you stop the muriatic acid burn?

If you get Muriatic acid directly onto the skin or any other part of the body run lots of water over itimmediately. especially If the eyes are involved get medical aid as soon as possible

What shops sell muriatic acid?

All the "big box" stores usually have a pool supply section (ie: Wal-mart, Lowe's, Home Depot etc. Any pool store should have muriatic acid.

Can you clean copper with muriatic acid?

Don't even THINK about trying to clean a coin with muriatic acid. It will damage the surface and any possible numismatic value will be lost.You'll have a very shiny coin that is only worth its face value.

How do you remove fruit stains from concrete?

There are some commercial stain removers like "Gunk"™ that may or may not remove embedded fruit stains. For that, you may have to use Muriatic Acid. This is mean stuff ... try a dilution of 4 to 1 at first (four parts water, one part muriatic acid). Very important when mixing these two solutions: always pour acid into water - never pour water into acid. Muriatic acid cleans by etching the concrete, so you will want a method of rinsing the area off just as soon as the stain dissappears. If the 4 to 1 mix doesn't solve it, try 2 to 1, or as a last result, full strength from the bottle. Please be very careful ... the fumes from Muriatic Acid can be deadly.As always, with any chemical, protect yourself (eyes, hands, face, etc) ... acid, if it gets onto your clothing or skin will immediately burn and you will require serious medical attention immediately.

How much water is needed to neutralize a gallon of muriatic acid?

Water doesn't really neutralize any acid, merely alters its concentration. However if you think about it if you added a massive amount of water you could reduce the solution's ph to 7, which is effectively neutralized. For a gallon of muriatic acid it would require a few dozen olympic sized swimming pools worth of water to effect the dilution. But really until you give us the molarity of the muriatic acid we can't give you a definite answer for any neutralization method.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean out your pipes?

Muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid (HCl) will not harm copper pipes. I am a licensed Heating& cooling technician and I use Muriatic acid all the time to clean out hot water tankless coils and boiler hot water coils and I have seen it used to clean out hot water copper piping in houses to remove scale and mineral deposits. I use a 1/6 Submersible pump that i purchased at Home Depot. It's not a chemical pump and I have used this pump over 4 years and i have ran Muriatic acid through it at least 60 times and the pump still works great. I even took the pump apart to see if any damage was happening to it and it looked just like new. just wear long rubber gloves and full goggles for your eyes. safety glasses will not protect your eyes. the acid can splash up under the safety glasses. If you get any on your skin just rinse it off with cold water. Muriatic acid or HCl cleans up really well with water.

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