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Music can't actually cause depression, seeing as depression is a medical disease, but it can cause a person to BE depressed.

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Q: Does music cause depression
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Can music cause depression?

The actual music probably can't cause depression. Sure, there are songs that can move people but it isn't likely to cause depression. Perhaps some songs can remind you of things that can make you feel upset, and over time it could lead to depression.

Is country the leading genre of music to cause depression?

according to mawnser yes.

Can Hypocalcemia cause depression?

Hypocalcemia can cause depression

Can depression cause a stroke?

Depression is a risk factor for stroke but depression does not cause stroke per se.

Can poor diet cause depression?

Well, a poor diet can cause constipation, and constipation can cause depression.

Can qustioning sexuality cause depression?

Many things can be the cause of depression. Questioning your own sexuality or the sexuality of someone close to you can cause depression also.

Who studies the cause of manic depression?

Research psychologists study the cause of manic depression.

Can you die of depression?

depression might cause suicide

What makes the blues different from other music?

It was created in the great depression to show depression and it's sad music.

What type of music was in the great depression?

The Music was Jazz, Folk, and Sheet Music.

What does the music of titanic represents?


Is sleeplessness a cause of depression?

Sleep issues do not cause depression, although they can be a symptom of depression. It is thought that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and the predisposition to this could be hereditary.

What did the great depression cause?

-Depression -Lack of food and homes

Can olanzapine cause depression?


Does analgesics cause depression?


Does chocolate cause depression?

No, chocolate it's self can not cause depression. The significance you place on it can. To explain further, if you believe it can cause depression you will feel sadder. So eat chocolate as much as possible and think good thoughts. BTW... there is no known cause for depression

What kinds of music was popular during the great depression?

jazz music

Can losing a friend cause depression?

Yes, losing a friend can cause depression. Especially if you were close to that person.

Can depression cause brief psychosis?

Stress can cause Brief Reactive Psychosis, and it can cause Depression as well. so perhaps it can indirectly.

What was the main cause of the main cause of the great depression?

The main cause to the start of the great depression was the Wall Street Crash in 1929.

Can depression cause delusions?

Depression can very well cause delusions. But when this happens, it no longer is depression. If your seeing things out of the ordinary your depression could have turned into something much more serious like, physcotic depression.

Can rubbing a dogs belly cause depression?

No, rubbing a dog's belly does not cause depression. Too much change, not enough exercise, play, can cause depression in dogs. A great resource for information on dog depression is:

Can medication for ADHD cause depression?

Answer: If you stop taking it abruptly it has potential to cause depression, or if you need a higher dosage.

Does depression cause Chronic fatigue syndrome?

One recent study concluded that depression was the result of CFS and was not its cause

Can music help someones health like help cope with depression?

Music can help with depression and other illnesses, but it is not a replacement for medical treatment.