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Does music effect the way you drive?

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2007-06-25 17:39:25

Yes, the music you listen to does impact your driving. Mood

plays a significant role here. As a matter of fact, your

performance is determined by your mood. You'll perform the best of

your abilities if your are in good mood or else the results will be

adverse. Music has an assuasive effect on your mood. It lightens

your heart and mind. It soothes your system and you feel free from

every anxiety or fear. Hence, it calms your senses down when you

are driving and simultaneously listening to music. You become more

discreet and careful. In addition to that, bumpy roads and traffic

jam does not bother you. In fact, you are immune to any minor can

of worm. You enjoy the places you drive past. Ultimatley, you are

happy and safely reaching your destination.

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