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In short no. For limeware to work you have to tell the firewall to let it access your computer. this allows the program to access your PC through a port. If you have given permission for limeware to access through the firewall then anything that comes in on the limeware stream good and bad will be permitted into your computer. I suggest you run an anti virus program as well as the fire wall but even this combination will not guarentee that your PC stays free of viruses and other malicious programs. If you are using limeware or anyother insecure program to exchange files over the internet then you cannot be completely safe from the little nasties that live and breed in cyberspace.

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Why won't my LimeWire connect?

you will have a firewall protecting it from connecting

How to unblock firewall in LimeWire?

you DON'T ! NEVER unlock your firewall,SPECIALLY that spyrot,limewire and kazaa and others like it. ----hey if youre going to download music but limewire is getting blocked by a firewall, LISTEN TO ME. download FrostWire. It's by the same people but its SOOOO much faster and it has better router configuration, i have never been blocked with frostwire but limewire ALWAYS messed me up.

Could you still use LimeWire with the firewall?

I have a firewall and can still access limewire, it just wont let me download some songs as apparently they contain viruses. It may differ depending on your firewall operator. dont worry though as there is a lot of songs you can download with the firewall, aswell as a few you cant.

Im trying to use LimeWire but it says its blocked by a firewall but when you try to turn the firewall off its not their?

Is it your PC's firewall or NORTON firewall ? You may have more than one firewall installed on your PC

You have LimeWire installed in your computer and i want to download song using LimeWire but you dont know the procedure?

At the top of the LimeWire screen, click on the word "Help" and then on "Using LimeWire". ANSWER: IT'S ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you protect PC against hacking?

By using a firewall,anti virus and anti spyware programs

If you have virus protection and a firewall up can you still get a virus from downloads on LimeWire?


How do you remove LimeWire from being blocked?

Go into your firewall and choose to allow the program

Is limewire alligle?

Yes, if you get caught using LimeWire you can get in lots of trouble. LimeWire says that it isn't illegal but it's not true. :(

If using LimeWire for file sharing is illegal should you delete all the LimeWire files from your computer?

Using Limewire is not illegal. Limewire is a P2P file sharing utility. If you share files which are copyrighted and without a licence or permission then that is illegal.

Limew ire doesn't seem to be working for my mac OS x I redownloaded it several times but it always fails to even connect Could someone please tell me what to do?

If LimeWire is not connecting the advice from LimeWIre is: 1. Delete all versions of LimeWire, and delete your preferences directory (/Users/username/Library/Preferences/LimeWire). Delete the "install limewire" receipt from the "Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts" folder. 2. Delete all LimeWire aliases and installers from your desktop and Dock. 3. Restart your computer. 4. Redownload LimeWire You may also need to configure your Firewall settings to allow LimeWire to connect through the Firewall.

What is the percentage of people using LimeWire?

Many people use LimeWire. I would expect it to be over 1 billion people using LimeWire. (This is just an real facts were put into this)

Do I need a firewall if I use a modem router?

If you want to protect your computer, yes you need a firewall. Firewall which comes with routers will not protect you from more sophisticated internet attacks.

Is it possible to get caught using LimeWire?

Yes. Its very easy to track somebody through limewire.

Is LimeWire 5.5.10 safe?

Limewire itself is safe. However the files you download using it may not be.

What would be some reason LimeWire is not connecting to your network?

I read that it could be due to a Firewall blocking access.

Don't know if anyone can help. My LimeWire is stuck behind a firewall and I can't find it. Please Help?

i have this problem as well. God its soooooooooo anoying. it isn't actually limewire that has the firewall its your computer. i used to be able to stop this from happening by ( first making sure that limewire is on) going to control panel>clicking on windows firewall> click on firewall on and untick don't allow exceptions box> now go into exceptions at top of window and untick limewire> next click on add program> scroll down and click on limewire scroll down and click on limewire> a window should pop up saying that limewire is already in the list of exceptions> now click on ok and then click on cancel>now tick the limewire box and after about two minutes you be able to go on limewire and all of the bars should be green or blue and the wall in front of the globe shall be gone. by the way i did all of this on windows xp so it would probably be pretty useless on a mac. this all used to work for me but just lately it hasn't been working please can someone help.

How firewall can be use as a sentence?

"I use Windows Firewall to protect my computer." "My car has a firewall between the engine and the passenger compartment."

Is mcafee enough to protect your computer from viruses on LimeWire?

Yes, McAfee is the AMAZING !!!!!

Why should people be allowed to use LimeWire?

People dont need to be using limewire because the share the music!

What is better. music oasis or LimeWire?

limewire is bad for your computer, it gives you viruses. i would suggest not using it

Does LimeWire give you viruses if you have no virus protection?

yes u need firewall, spyware and other protections for your PC

How do you cut music for free?

try using LimeWire

Is it likely to get caught using LimeWire basic?

no but its possible

Can someone hack into your computer using LimeWire?


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