Does have a virus?


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A computer virus is a small program that infects a computer without the user permission. It attaches itself to other files and quickly multiplies.

It is strongly recommended that you use an antivirus program on your computer and that you keep it updated. This will prevent any infection and clean your computer if it was infected previous to the install.

You are infected with a virus if:

* Your computer is very slow, stops responding, restarts or shuts down by itself from time to time. * Your hard disk or the removable drives (floppy drive, CD-ROM, USB Flash) are inaccesibles or the files are corrupt. * Unusual error messages appear.

In case your computer got infected, try the following:

* Get an antivirus program (if you don't have one already) * Update your antivirus * Scan all your computer and delete, repair or quarantine the infected files.

To keep your computer virus free:

* Have an antivirus program and update it from time to time (some even update automatically) * Use a firewall. * Only download files from sources you trust. * Don't open e-mail attachments, unless you know who sent it. * For more protection you can scan your computer with online scanners provided free by some of the best companies.


My spyware has been infected by a lot of viruses . Also fake video codes . Only browser my space with firefox

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