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No, propane burns at 2500btu while natural gas burns at only 1012btu. Propane burns over 2 times hotter than natural gas.

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Q: Does natural gas burn hotter than propane?
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Why does propane burn hotter than natural gas?

because propane is an even burning gas and is easier to make more or less concentrated

Is propane flame hotter than natural gas flame?


Does coal burn hotter than natural gas?

no its not

Should I use propane or natural gas with my BBQ?

That is going to be up to personal preference. Propane tends to have a hotter flame than natural gas. Propane requires tanks, while natural gas can be piped in from your home service. I prefer natural gas, as grilling slow gives me better results than fast.

Is propane cheaper than natural gas?

Propane is NOT cheaper than natural gas

Why do building contractors prefer to use propane rather than butane gas on building sites?

Propane freezes at a lower temprature than butane. Propane also burns hotter than butane.

How to Convert natural gas to propane?

no ones going to answer To convert natural gas appliances to propane you have to change the orfices. Propane orfices are smaller or have smaller openings than natural gas orfices.

What is the common name for propane?

Propane is the common name---I have never heard of it called anything else. Natural gas contains propane, but there is typically more methane and ethane in natural gas than there is propane.

What happens if you use a natural gas stove with propane?

You will get way too big a flame [think flamethrower]. Also a very inefficient burn. Nat gas uses a larger orifice jet than safely use propane the orifice must be replaced with a smaller one suitable for propane.

Does oil burn hotter than gas or coal?

no it doesn't

Is a slice of apple pie hotter than the sun?

No. If a piece of apple pie were hotter than the sun, it would burn up.

Why is it better to burn anthracite in a home fireplace rather than lignite?

Cleaner and hotter burn

Why is an acetylene torch hotter than a propane torch?

acetylene torches can burnhotter than propane because the fuel is of a higher octane propane can be used for some cutting outfits. its more cost friendly because propane burns slower. in the case of a scrap job where you are trying to profit propane is the best for cutting both propane and acetylene are used with oxygen to accelerate the temperatures at which they burn allowing either to cut threw metal. there are other alternatives such as mapp gas which is a type of purified propizzle. PYRO-TECH engineer

What are the benefits of different types of gas BBQ grills?

If you are planning to purchase a barbecue grill, a natural gas barbecue grill would be the best suited for cooking and grilling food on it. Even though natural gas grills require a bit more money for it's fuel than the fuel of a propane barbecue, it performs better than a propane barbecue grill because natural gas barbecue grills burn cleaner than a propane barbecue grill, making your food more clean and flavorful.

Are giants hotter than white dwarfs?

Red giants are not hotter than white dwarfs. While red giants are much larger and burn more fuel, white dwarfs burn at a higher temperature.

Switch from natural gas to propane side burner on grill Can i switch a natural gas burner over to use propane?

this can be done but its not as simply as just hooking it up. you will need to change the manifold which is not always readily available. depending upon the manufacturer of the grill, you will likely need to order an L.P. (Propane) manifold directly from the manufacturer. Most propane distributors will convert natural gas appliances to LP for a modest fee. It is a matter of changing orifice sizes to let less gas into the appliance. Since propane burns about 4 times hotter than gas, an orifice which is about half the diameter is used. We had all of our gas appliances, dryer, stove, BBQ, converted when we moved from a location with natural gas to propane.

How do you convert a natural gas kitchen range to propane?

The conversion of a natural gas appliance for use with propane involves replacing the jets that regulate the rate of flow of the fuel. Natural gas and propane have different abilities to deliver heat energy when they burn. Propane, a product of petrochemical refining, has more heat energy per cubic foot, about 13.8kWh, than does natural gas, a petroleum gas that is extracted directly from the ground, and has about 10.8kWh of energy per cubic foot. What that means in this case is that the jets will have to be replaces with ones that have a smaller hole in them. This allows the burners to deliver the same performance with propane as they did with natural gas. IMPORTANT! Failure to replace the jets with the proper ones for the new fuel will cause the range to run hotter than its designers engineered it for! Don't fool around with this one. A fire could cost you the structure in which the range is operated if you don't do things right. Of course that wouldn't matter much to you if you were unfortunate enough to be inside when it burned down. A word to the wise is sufficient. Call your propane supplier and get the straight scoop. They're the experts.

Why do low mass stars live longer than high mass stars?

The large a star is the more gravity it has and the hotter it becomes. The hotter the star becomes the faster that it's fuels/gasses will burn, this will cause it to burn out faster than smaller stars which burn more slowly.

Can you buy a gas dryer if you have propane gas?

Yes, though you may have to change the orifice to accommodate propane rather than the natural gas.

Why is the blue star hotter than the red star?

because the gases used in a blue star are more concentrated than in a red star. they burn hotter and quicker than the red star

Would a human freeze or burn up in Venus?

You would burn on Venus as it is nearer to the Sun than Earth is and is much hotter.

Is the sun very hotter than a boiler?

this is a stupid question but oh well. Yes it is hotter than A boiler, The sun is infact hotter than a star its the hottest thing. :D if you stand like 100,00,00km from it you will burn in like 2 seconds...

Are propane powered generators better than any other type of generators?

I think propane generator are better than any other type of generator because Propane and natural gas can save you time, money and aggravation that's why i think propane generator is better than the other generator.

Which gas is burn cleaner than propane?

Hydrogen is the cleanest burning gas. The product of combustion is Water.

My air conditioning motor broke. The repairman told me propane gas was more acidic than natural gas and was the cause of the breakdown. Is this true?

Propane gas is more acidic then natural gas, and could of caused the breakdown but propane is also cheaper then natural gas and lasts longer. Natural gas is also considered the "greener" choice.