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No, propane burns at 2500btu while natural gas burns at only 1012btu. Propane burns over 2 times hotter than natural gas.

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Q: Does natural gas burn hotter than propane?
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Does coal burn hotter than natural gas?

no its not

Should I use propane or natural gas with my BBQ?

That is going to be up to personal preference. Propane tends to have a hotter flame than natural gas. Propane requires tanks, while natural gas can be piped in from your home service. I prefer natural gas, as grilling slow gives me better results than fast.

Is propane cheaper than natural gas?

Propane is NOT cheaper than natural gas

Does oil burn hotter than gas or coal?

no it doesn't

Why is it better to burn anthracite in a home fireplace rather than lignite?

Cleaner and hotter burn

Is a slice of apple pie hotter than the sun?

No. If a piece of apple pie were hotter than the sun, it would burn up.

Switch from natural gas to propane side burner on grill Can i switch a natural gas burner over to use propane?

this can be done but its not as simply as just hooking it up. you will need to change the manifold which is not always readily available. depending upon the manufacturer of the grill, you will likely need to order an L.P. (Propane) manifold directly from the manufacturer. Most propane distributors will convert natural gas appliances to LP for a modest fee. It is a matter of changing orifice sizes to let less gas into the appliance. Since propane burns about 4 times hotter than gas, an orifice which is about half the diameter is used. We had all of our gas appliances, dryer, stove, BBQ, converted when we moved from a location with natural gas to propane.

Why do manufacturers recommend you don not use propane in a natural gas burner?

They are two different fuels with different properties, ie, natural gas = 1000 BTU/hour per cubic foot, Propane = 2500 BTU/hour per cubic foot (vapor). Most burners can be converted by simply changing to the recommended burner nozzles. Additionally the pressure regulator and /or fuel valve may need to be changed.

Are giants hotter than white dwarfs?

Red giants are not hotter than white dwarfs. While red giants are much larger and burn more fuel, white dwarfs burn at a higher temperature.

How to convert a propane gas range to natural gas?

The conversion of a natural gas appliance for use with propane involves replacing the jets that regulate the rate of flow of the fuel. Natural gas and propane have different abilities to deliver heat energy when they burn. Propane, a product of petrochemical refining, has more heat energy per cubic foot, about 13.8kWh, than does natural gas, a petroleum gas that is extracted directly from the ground, and has about 10.8kWh of energy per cubic foot. What that means in this case is that the jets will have to be replaces with ones that have a smaller hole in them. This allows the burners to deliver the same performance with propane as they did with natural gas. IMPORTANT! Failure to replace the jets with the proper ones for the new fuel will cause the range to run hotter than its designers engineered it for! Don't fool around with this one. A fire could cost you the structure in which the range is operated if you don't do things right. Of course that wouldn't matter much to you if you were unfortunate enough to be inside when it burned down. A word to the wise is sufficient. Call your propane supplier and get the straight scoop. They're the experts.

Can you buy a gas dryer if you have propane gas?

Yes, though you may have to change the orifice to accommodate propane rather than the natural gas.

Which gas is burn cleaner than propane?

Hydrogen is the cleanest burning gas. The product of combustion is Water.