Does nuclear power pollute

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Not really. You receive 100 times as much radiation from coal power plant pollution than you do from nuclear power plant leaks.

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Q: Does nuclear power pollute
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Can nuclear power pollute the environment?


Can nuclear energy pollute?

The primary output of a nuclear power plant is thermal pollution.

What are the advantages of nuclear?

A nuclear power plant does not require a lot of space to operate. Nuclear power does not emit carbon into the air. Nuclear power does not pollute the air with smoke particles. Nuclear power is not dependent on the weather.

Does a nuclear power plant pollute the air?

No, but they produce radioactive waste.

How does nuclear power pollute the air?

Radiation leaks can get into the air if not contained properly and cause cancer.

Major drawback to the use of nuclear power?

A major drawback to the use of nuclear power is that it produces radioactive waste. This waste can pollute water sources and kill organisms.

How can you prevent shortages of electric energy?

Build more power plants, especially nuclear ones, which pollute the environment the least.

Does nuclear energy pollute the air?

Yes, nuclear energy pollutes the air.

Nuclear power stations pollute the nature?

yes. they are one of the major source of air pollution. they burn a lot of fossil fuel that is harmful to the environment.

How did the atomic bomb pollute the air?

The same way the nuclear power plants in japan polluted the air, it was radioactive, and radiation is very unhealthy to come into contact with.

Is a coal power plant or nuclear power plant better?

Lets start off with the dangers of both Coal and nuclear power plants: A coal power plant pollutes a lot of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming and climate change. A Nuclear power plant can lead to a meltdown which can kill from radiation exposure, but does not pollute any CO2's. So in short a Nuclear power plant is 1% to 50% better than a coal power plant.

Do nuclear power plants pollute more than coal power plants?

No. Nuclear power is more efficient because nuclear power is used as splitting atoms, making big bursts of energy, whereas coal power is simply burning coal. So nuclear power uses uranium fission to create energy (electricity), whereas coal power burns coal, emitting carbon. (Mind you, nuclear energy leaves behind radioactive waste - that is arguably easier to deal with for the time being. Not to mention that accidents at nuclear plants can have devastating environmental effects.

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