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Yes,oil causes acne.and I'm not sure it will help with acne scars but if you pop a pimple,you will end up with an acne scar.

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Q: Does oil cause acne and will it help with acne scars?
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What is the home remedy for acne scars?

Home remedies for acne scars are lemon juice, tomato juice, cucumber, olive oil, almond oil and tea tree oil. They contain ingredients that repair damage skin cells and reduce acne scars. Regular application of these natural home remedies can lighten the acne scars.

What cheap products get rid of acne scars on your face?


Which Bio-Oil cream helps fight acne as well as remove scars?

Bio-Oil cream exists to remove scars from acne, but they do not have any products that actually fight acne. You might consider buying Bio-Oil along with something else.

What is a good cream to treat facial scars?

A good cream to fade scars on your face are creams with very little oil and a god amount of silicone gel. These creams are used by professionals to help remove acne scars.

What is a natural treatment for acne scars?

A natural treatment for acne scars is using egg whites, baking soda or lemon juice on the affected area. Olive Oil is also a popular acne scar treatment.

Does omega cause acne?

If you are referring to Omega-3 oils, then the answer is no. Omega-3 oil can actually help with acne breakouts.

How do you treat acne scars?

You Could Try Bio Oil This Helps Reduce The Showing Of Scars Strecth Marks Etc Hopes This Helps

Can fish oil cause acne?

I just recently started taking 1200mg of Fish Oil daily and began breaking out all over my face and neck. If you take too much Fish Oil it can send your hormones off whack and cause acne problems and I learned the hard way. I only took the pills to help my recently broken ankle and got a nice acne surprise !!! ANSWER: Yes fish oil can cause acne

Do peanuts cause acne?

The oil in them can if it gets in your skin

What chemicals cause acne?

its all the oil in your skin

Does vitamin e oil help heal scars?

yes it does, you can put vitamin e oil directly on sores or scars and there will be a difference :)

Can almond oil flat stomach?

Almond oil is good for erasing scars on your body and scars from childbirth. It will not help you have a flat stomach.

Does bacon cause acne?

Too much bacon can because bacon has oil in it and that causes acne.

What is the best vitamin for acne scars?

That would be Vitamin E oil from capsules. Good brands are Solitary, Natures Way.

What are some remedies for acne scars?

There are many new treatments or remedies for acne scars. A more natural cost effective remedy would be pure Vitamin E oil. If one was looking for a more medicated approach Mederma would work also.

How does Junk food and cause acne?

Well, if you think about it oil is one of the main causes of acne and most junk food is really oily.Foods do not cause acne. do not change how you eat because of this acne myth.

Does Overly active oil glands may cause a condition known as acne?

Yes, acne is caused by overly active oil glands.

How do you get rid of light scars?

A Vitamin E oil or lotion will help heal your skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

What may be the causes of acne?

The main cause of acne has to do oil glands in the skin. During certain times, especially during puberty, the oil glands are stimulated by hormones. Too much oil causes acne.

What causes skin blemishes?

Blemishes occur due to one major reason, and that is excessive oil production. They are mainly the aftermath of an acne burst. The pimple goes away, but it leaves behind scars that will never let you forget it. The cause of a blemish is the clogging of pores with dead skin cells and excessive oil, which results in acne.

Why do you get acne during puberty?

You get acne during puberty because of hormones. Hormones can cause an excess secretion of sebum. Sebum is the oil that creates acne.

What essential oil heals acne?

Lavender essential oil helps heal and remedy acne. You can use a q-tip or gently apply to acne before going to bed. Lavender oil is a natural way to help heal and clean acne blemishes.

After my acne has gone away it has left marks. how do i get rid of the marks?

Did you pick at your acne alot? You may have left scars on your face... try putting vita-E (in liquid form) on your face... that may help. Essential oils can help with scaring, helichrysum oil. Once your acne has gone away, the skin still has layers that need to heal. Eventually, the scars will fade. Make sure you use a non-comedogenic (non oily) sunscreen to avoid overexposure to the sun which slows healing.

How to get rid of acne scars?

As if acne isn't enough of a problem on its own, the scars left behind after acne pimples heal can be even more devastating. If persistent acne scars trouble you, try the following proven tricks for yourself right at home. Finding a permanent solution to your acne scar problem could be just moments away. Try a tested home remedy. Easily accessible oils, juices, and extracts are used in some of the leading scar treatments on the market today. Before you pay for advanced treatments, try a proven at-home cure. The anti-aging benefits of rosehip seed oil also help against lasting acne scars. It is used in a number of commercial and cosmetic products that are frequently marketed for the treatment of sun damage, burn scars, facial scars, and acne scars. Simply buy pure rosehip seed oil from your local department store and gently massage it into the areas of your face affected by bothersome acne scars. This treatment also helps replenish the skin's natural elasticity, protecting from future damage and wrinkles. Applying aloe vera gel boasts a number of benefits regarding skin and scars. The healing advantages of this plant have been known for generations, providing much-needed moisture to the skin left after acne is healed. Lavender oil, another substance found in nature and easily enough in department stores, also sports scar healing benefits. Apply the oil directly to your skin and massage deeply around and over acne scars. The oil helps to naturally regenerate your skin, making it look cleaner, smoother, and younger. Rose water is also used as a topical application, as is sandalwood. Make a paste of the two and carefully apply it directly to the scars left by acne on your face. Leave this paste on over night and rinse with fresh, cold water early the next morning. Repeating this natural treatment regularly is one of the best treatments known to get rid of acne scars as rapidly as possible.

Does antibiotics cause acne?

Yes it can affect you skin, as well as oil glands

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