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Oil does not cool the Earth's core as it is located far away from the core and would simply burn up due to the sheer heat. The Earth's core is made of molten metal which keeps a relatively constant temperature.

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Q: Does oil cool the earths core?
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What is the state of earths outer core?

cool stuff

What is the purpose of oil to the earth and cant the oil be used as a coolant from the heat from the earths core?

yes it can cool an earth core and balance the temp. above the earth.... also it gives peace to all souls of all living things.. so if oil will burn everyday.., it makes hurt to who ever souls is that..

Why does the earths core not cool off?

The earth's core contains radioactive elements and as these decay they release heat. This heat keeps the earth's core hot.

What important function do volcanoes perform for the Earth?

It as a cool vent by realising heat from the earths core.

Which is hotter the inner core or the outter core?

the earths core is the hottest part of the earth. the metals in the earths outer core is liquid because of the heat and the metals in the earths core is solid but still the earths core is the hottest

The possible source of earths magnetic core is?

The molten iron and medals inside the earths core are the reasons for the earths magnetic core.

Is there a bunny in the earths core?

no it is not true. there is solid iron and nickel in the Earths core

Is the earths iner core a solid or liquid?

earths inner core is a liquid

Facts about the earths core?

The earths core is mainly made out of iron, mixed with a littel nickel. The outer core is liquidand the inner core is soild.

When standing at sea level which are you nearer to the earths core or the Moon's surface?

Earths core

Are you closer to the earths core or moons surface when standing at sea level?

The Earths core.

When standing at sea level are you closer to the moon surface or earths core?

earths core

Can global warming be cause from the earths core?

No the earths core is not a cause of globel worming

What is the earths outer core made of?

The earths outer core is made of iron liquid

How far down is the earths core?

It's approximately (3,963)miles down to the earths core.

Can you get closer to the sun or the earths core?

You are already closer to the earths core than you will ever be able to get to the sun

What happens to the pressure as you move from the earths surface to the core?

What happens to the pressure as you move from the earths surface to the core

Is Earth's inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core?

Yes earths inner core is a dense ball of metal earths outer core is a layer of molten (melted) metal

What Extends from earths core to earths crusts?

idek what 2 say???

How much of earths mass is made up by the core?

The core is 33% of the Earths mass

Is the earths core 1375 degrees?

The earths inner core is thought to be approximately 5778 K (5505 °C)

How long is the core?

how many miles is the earths core

What is the earths core similar to the Moon's core core?

i believe mantle rocks from earth to core .

Earth's magnetic field results from the spinning of the?

The earths magnetic field results from deep in the earths core. Magnetic conduction from within the earths core is believed to be the cause of this.

What two elements make up earths core?

The two elements that make up the earths core are Iron and Nickel.