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Q: Does ooVoo work on Nintendo DSi?
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Can you use a DS R4 for the DSi?

No, the R4 for the Nintendo DS will not work on the Nintendo DSi

Will a Nintendo DSi game work on a regular Nintendo ds?

Of corse it will The DSI is an upgraded version of the Original DS it will work.

Is the Nintendo ds charger the same as a Nintendo DSi charger?

no the ds charger is not the same as the dsi charger and the ds charger will NOT work on the dsi

Do Nintendo ds games work on the Nintendo DSi?


Does Nintendo DSi games work in the Nintendo DSi XL?

Yes. All DS games work on all DS systems.

Does the m3i zero or a r4i work on a Nintendo DSi v1.3A?

Both M3i Zero and R4i card can work on Nintendo DSi V1.4.3 console.

Can you get on ooVoo on Nintendo 3DS by using the internet?

can you oovoo on nintendo 3ds

Will the DS lite car charger work on the DSi?

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is not the same as the Nintendo DSi charger

Does the TTds work on the dsi?

No the ttds cards that work with Nintendo ds and Nintendo ds lite do NOT work with Nintendo dsi. You need to purchase a ttdsi card which is just a few more dollars than the ttds card

Does the R4DS work on the Nintendo DSi?

The official R4DS does not work on the Nintendo DSi. There is an unofficial R4i made by R4Ultra, but if you want a flash cart for the DSi, you should try the Acekard 2i.

Can you do ooVoo on dsi?

yes there is a camera in the middle of the dsi

Will your US Nintendo DSi work in the UK?

the dsi shop wont sadly

Is Nintendo DSi ware available in India?

Nintendo dsi is region locked.i think its internet connection will not work in India as well as dsi we have wait until it is officially released by Nintendo in wait for it.

Does M3i cards for Nintendo DSi fit into Nintendo 3DS?

It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS

Can the action replay for the Nintendo ds work on the Nintendo dsi dsi?

If it says "Action Replay DS," it's for the DS and DS Lite. If it says "Action Replay DSi," it's for the DSi only.

What charger will work on the DSi?

When you bought the DSi a charger, it should of come with one. If not you can easily buy a DSi charger from any gaming stores. Also a Nintendo DSi XL charger as well as the Nintendo 3DS (and XL) charger will work since they are the same.

Do Nancy drew Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS lites?

Of course. All Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS Lites. some Nintendo DS/lite games do not work on the DSi, however (like guitar hero on tour) because the DSi has no GBA slot.

Can you go on club penguin on a Nintendo DSi?

Yes. If you have the game for the ds light or ds origianol you can still use it on the dsi. But if you have a fire card it will not work on the Nintendo dsi system.

Do Nintendo ds lite games work on the Nintendo DSi?

Yes, there is no difference

Can Nintendo ds games work on Nintendo DSi XL?

i think it should

How many games will get to be available on the dsi?

All games that work on Nintendo DS will work on Nintendo DS-i

How do you get to the Nintendo dsi shop?

tap the Nintendo dsi shop icon on the Nintendo Dsi , or Nintendo DSi XL start up screen

Can you play Professor Layton and the Curious Village in a dsi?

The game is for Nintendo DS. If your DSI machine will play DS games then you can. The game is not available in a Nintendo DSI game card. The game was only designed for the Nintendo DS platform, if it does not work on the DSI it is because it was designed for the Nintendo DS DS game

How do you enable java script on your DSi?

To access the Internet through your Nintendo DSi, you must first download the Nintendo DSi Browser from the Nintendo DSi Shop. See Nintendo DSi - Nintendo DSi Browser.

Does the R4 work on the Nintendo DSi?

It won't work because the technology is different. And IT IS LEGAL CAUSE U HAVE 2 BUY IT! There are many r4 dsi cards in the world. They support Nintendo DSi and DS console.