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no water and soda freeze faster:)

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Yes water freeze faster than coffee and orange juice

Water as it is less acidic than either milk and orange juice.

i say no because lemonade is made with water and orange juice isn't

i think lemonade freeze faster because lemonade is usually made with water

because it is two substances for it has part water in it

Yes it freezes faster than apple juice.

well my hypothsis was correct and water lost this battle,keep rooting for both water & Oj. Peace! So, Orange Juice

Yes, because orange has other substances in it including water. Plain water freezes faster because it is a homogenous substance.

Orange juice freezes because the liquid (water) in the juice freezes.

milk then soda then orange juice then water

Pure water freeze faster.

No it doesn't matter how much water is in the substance. The thing that matters is how cold your freezer is. Milk will freeze in 22 minutes whereas orange juice freezes in 39 minutes and apple juice freezes in 47 minutes.

because soda is carbonated and orange juice with pulp freezes better because the pulp turns into stronger fibers in it

Tap water because the particles can more easily be free, allowing it to be able to freeze quicker.

materials: apple juice orange juice grape juice cranberry juice soda water

It depends, Orange Juice is made Usually from concentrate hence has a higher water content than coke which has a lower water content, more sugar etc.. It depends on what orange juice really, I theory it should be Orange Juice but I would check the label of both if you have, just to be sure, Hope this helped, Me ;)

the water is the fastest, because it is a more simple substance. OJ and milk have a bit more ingredients

orange juice will meltfaster then icedtea and water after that comes theiced teathen fianly comes water

Orange Juice is one of the fastest drinks to melt.

it will rust faster ing vinegar,then orange juice coke and water..............look out here we go

When you add more of a solute to a solution, it lowers the freezing point of the solution. Thus resulting in it taking longer to freeze than a pure substance such as water.

Orange juice is made up mostly of water. So the water in orange juice will evaporate at the same rate as clear water. Of course the parts of the juice that are not water will remain behind. One theory is that the orange juice will absorb more light than water because of its colour.

please answer this i NEED to know.

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