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I'm sorry to say , but yes you could ovulate, I have no medical training but my answer isbased on past experience. You should ask a professional.

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Q: Does ovulation occur if a birth control pill is missed?
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How often does ovulation occur?

Once a month unless on birth control

How many days after menstruation does ovulation occur?

Can pregnancy occur without ovulation?

No. The ovum must be there for it to occur. This is why birth control pills work and tying the tubes work.

What would be a sign that you are pregnant when you missed birth control pills?

morning sickness it can occur 2 - 8 weeks after conception

How do you know birth control has failed?

As far as using birth control pills the only way for the pill to fail is for ovulation to happen and a pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy would be the only proof of failure from the pill.

How do the synthetic estrogen and progesterone in birth control pills prevent pregnancy?

They keep the pituitary from secreting FSH and LH, so ovulation does not occur.

Is bleeding while taking birth control a sign of pregnancy?

Bleeding while on birth control can occur for a variety of reasons: * Missed pills * Pregnancy * UTI * Recently took MAP or ECP * Doseage incorrect for you

Where does ovulation occur?

Ovulation occurs in the ovaries.

On what day is ovulation likely to occur?

Ovulation occur 14 days after your period.

Does ovulation occur while taking birth control pills?

If taken correctly, the answer is no (most of the time, read on to find out why). The purpose of the pill is to prevent ovulation from occurring, so typically an egg is not released therefore pregnancy will not occur. Another thing that the pill does is make the vaginal mucus thicker preventing most sperm from entering the cervix.Factors such as diarrhea, vomiting, missing a pill, etc. may allow the egg to be released which is the reason why there is a failure rate with the pill. Another factor that happens to any woman is ovulation occurring even if the pill is taken correctly, so basically even if everything is perfect ovulation may still occur while on the pill.The birth control pill is designed to prevent ovulation.

If taking birth control how likely is it to get pregnant?

If you have been taking birth control continuously for 4 weeks and have not missed any pills then it is unlikely you will conceive. However there has been cases of conception occurring while on birth control and because of this I usually recommend that you use a condom as well as birth control. If you miss any pills or have been on antibiotics or taken St Johns Wort then pregnancy may occur.

How do you get pregnant when you are on birth control?

Pregnancy can occur while on birth control for a few reasons. One reason is other medications canceling out the effectiveness of birth control. Some antibiotics and other medications are known to make birth control ineffective. Pregnancy can also occur if the birth control is taken incorrectly. Also, if the birth control is making the recipient ill, and the birth control is being vomited back up, then it will not be effective.

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