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Yes, it destroys up to a half of the vitamins. In addition, the amount of vitamins decreases for every year the can is stored.

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Q: Does pasteurization kill vitamins in canned vegetables?
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How do you use pasteurization in a sentence?

Pasteurization is the process by which you kill the bacteria in a particular substance by applying heat.

What kill bacteria in milk and cheese?

Pasteurization .

What is the best vegtable?

The best vegetable is the one you actually eat! :) Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and even protein. You can find out which vegetables are highest in nutrients by looking at various canned vegetables and comparing ingredients listed on the labels. But once you find the most nutritious canned vegetable, you should see if you can get that vegetable either fresh or frozen, because canned vegetables usually contain extra salt, and the heat required for processing can kill nutrients as well. There are other ways to find the best vegetables. You can search "nutrients in vegetables" on Google or other search engines, and click on links that give you charts to compare foods. You can also call your local hospital's dietary department and see if they have brochures on nutrition for the general public.

What process did Louis Pasteurs develop to kill germs?

Louis Pasteur devloped the process of pasteurization (named after himself) to try and kill germs.

Process of heating milk to kill bacteria?


What causes pasteurization?

Pasteurization is just heating, it could be described as mildly cooking (milk or beer) to kill bacteria.

Heating a liquid to kill harmful bacteria is called?


What is using high heat to kill bacteria called?


What is the importance of pasteurization?

The importance of pasteurization is that it is able to kill harmful bacteria. This is one of the processes that are used in milk so as to promote longevity.

Why pasteurization kills many microorganism but not results in sterilization?

The pasteurization does not kill the spore forming microbes, only inactivates the living cells.

In what food does pasteurization kill germs?

Quite a few but mainly in Milk

What do you call the use of heat to kill bacteria in food and beverages?


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