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Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization.

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Q: Who developed a process of heating food to kill the germs that spoil it?
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What is non pasteurization?

Non pasteurization means that food does not go through the heating process. Foods may being to spoil faster because of microbial growth.

Why does food not spoil in the refrigerator?

Food does spoil in the refrigerator. The growth of spoilage bacteria is slowed down due to the colder temperatures.

Can heating be used in the preservation of food and media?

Heating to over 160F will kill all major food spoilage bacteria. This is the process used in both pasteurization and food canning to preserve foods. If you do not heat to 160F enough bacteria will survive to cause the food to spoil in the can and cause food poisoning, this is a common issue with home canned food.

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Does salt cured ham spoil?

Yes, the salt curing process will extend the life of the product but not forever.

Why the pasteurised milk spoil?

Here are a few disadvantages I can think of: * The equipment needed to pasteurize milk is complicated and expensive. * If the pasteurizing equipment is not maintained properly, the milk can spoil and/or spread disease. * A small farm has to be dependent upon a dairy operation as an outlet for their milk and is less likely to be able to sell it on their own. * The heating process changes the flavor and destroys some nutrients.

How does salt spoil?

Salt does not spoil.

Why does food spoil faster when it is not refrigerated?

different foods have different chemical components but the main thing is that they respond to different temperatures. the food danger zone is 41 - 140 but to make sure meat is cooked properly (meaning all dangerous germs on the surface of the food is dead), the temp is 155 while chicken is 165 and fish is 145

Can you eat a tomato left in a car for several days in excessive heat?

A tomato in a car in hot weather would be about the same as a tomato left in a greenhouse with the hot sun heating the structure. Tomatoes spoil from age plus heat. But a spoiled tomato will mostly just taste bad, but not spoil to cause illness.

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