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Does peanut butter cause stomach aches?


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I am 72 years old and have loved peanut butter my whole life. Suddenly I am experiencing stomach ache and gas after eating a peanut butter sandwich. It has happened three times and although I have no problem (yet) with peanuts, apparently I have developed a sensitivity to peanut butter. I eat Smucker's All Natural Creamy P.B., or rather, I used to.

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Ferrets are carnivores and unable to digest peanut butter which could cause stomach blockage resulting in death

Ferrets cannot digest peanut butter, it will either go straight through out the other end, or it may cause a blockage in the ferrets stomach requiring surgery.

yes it actually can depending on what kind of peanut butter

cause chocolate is thin. not peanut butter

sometimes it can but not often

7 grams. You should not try to eat a lot of peanut butter cause of the protein.

Peanuts, Processed Peanut Butter, Cashews, Pecans, Tahini,Brazil Nuts, will contribute to Gout.

No. Too much peanut butter could be bad but my dog ate chocolate and still lived cause there was peanut butter in it. it would make a puppy very sick.

peanut butter is sticky cause it jsut is because of all of the oils in it and peanuts naturally produce sticky substances

Not commonly, but in an individual with a severe peanut allergy there can be dangerous reactions.

Yes shingles can cause stomach aches. The virus can also cause pain, rash, fever, headache, chills, and a deep burning feeling. If you experience these symptoms you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

If someone is highly allergic to peanuts, eating peanut butter could send them into anaphylactic shock which - if untreated - could cause death.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein. Too much peanut butter will be cause high cholesterol. Avoid eating too much, eat moderate amounts to ensure you get a good amount of protein.

Yes peanut butter cause bladder stones in dogs as it is acid-forming with calcium oxalate causing kidney stones. Hence not good for dogs.

Some people have a peanut allergy. Most people do not. The people with a peanut allergy will also be allergic to peanut butter. It could cause them to break out more or it could affect them in other ways.

If you are over 18, you might have gallbladder trouble. That would cause nausea. But most likely, the two were a coincidence.

Yes, eating too much peanut butter can cause some back up. The next time you eat peanut butter drink a glass of water or eat a cup of yogurt after. This will help in the digestion.

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Highly unlikely unless there is some other underlying cause or illness

It might be a sign of a peanut allergy, which can cause life threatening reactions. Because peanut butter is relatively dry it can irritate the taste buds on your tongue. But it's best to talk to a doctor.

Yes. This can occur when there is not adequate hydration (fluid intake).

The peanut butter diet is a low-calorie meal plan that allows dieters to consume four to six tablespoons of natural peanut butter each day. Peanut butter, which is rich in protein and healthy fat, keeps dieters from feeling deprived between meals. In addition to peanut butter, dieters can eat fruit, vegetables, lean protein, low fat dairy, and whole grains. For people who love peanut butter, this diet is a great way to lose weight. While peanut butter alone will not cause weight loss, it is effective when paired with a reduced calorie diet.

In order to know how to stop stomach aches, it depends on the cause of the ache. For example, you might have a stomach ache because you are anxious about something. Learning to take deep breaths and calm down can help. If you have a stomach ache because of menstruation, a painkiller can help relieve the pain.

if you are female elder than 12,it might be cause by catamenia

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